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Funniest moments - Bright side of the moon

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this is a dual purpose thread....... what are your favorite moments from bright side of the moon, and from season one as a whole (including the machinima shorts)

i superballs return is my favorite part of episode 6, but the cops return rates righ as well........

and my favorite shorts were interrogation and artichoke

but episodes 4 and 5 are still my favorites...... due to the political, and video game culture humor

episode 6 seemed to lack a theme..... they touched on the space program, cults, big buissness, but no overall theme....... i think that is why i did not kike it as much as a whole

but without a doubt, episode 6 has some of the best humor of the entire season....

Sam: "Ramdom but innocus comment"
Max: "Unrelated reply that hints at mental instability"
Sam: "you crack me up little buddy"
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  • I like Jimmy after he was blissified. Too bad he turns back to normal after you get access to the Magic Hat.
  • Personally the funniest moments for me were me were Max's comment while Bliss was trying to kill Sam.
  • Yeah, the little jig he does when Sam's being sent off in the Lunar La-... Ticket to Oblivion got a few laughs from me.
  • Putting Jimmy in the fridge: "I think there was a computer game once where you could do that, but I'm not about to try it."

    Day of the Tentacle!!


    Of course you also all noticed the sludgie machine with 2 flavours that match the theme of the episode!
    (normal Bosco: Wheat grass and meatloaf)
    (British Bosco: Bangers and mash)
    (French Bosco: Avocade de menthe and fudge pate de foie gras)
    (Russian Bosco: Caviar and Borscht)
    (Half-Elf Bosco: Potion of Giant strength and elixer of dwarven flatulence)
    (Bosco's Mom: Castor oil and Brussels sprouts)
  • did anyone else notice that they filpped the office calendar the wrong way......

    in episode 5 they filpped it to march, (which was the month that the episode came out) and max says you have to flip the page every month

    then in episode 6 the calendar is flipped to febuary.....

    they have been going the wrong way..... when i noticed this i fell on the floor
  • And another throw-away gag makes itself known. :D I honestly did not catch that, but at least now it explains why they didn't change the calender for four episodes. They don't know how to work it properly!
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