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  • BTW, that's a TRS-80, not a C64
  • actually it is an osborne 1 ;)

    i just called "curt" a commodore 64 because it is a more well known computer, so people would easier understand what i am talking about..... i already stated this in another thread (although i forget which one)
  • If you get this far, don't freak out.........and it's a funny hommage to the old text adventures. It can be solved.;)
  • I have tried hitting Jimmy about 500 times now. You really can not imagine the frustation. Is there any hint as to how you actualy get to hit him?

    P.S. Extremly dissapointed by the first puzzle.
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    Replied on the other thread
  • About atoms- lectron's orbit around the nucleus and proton...?atoms have electrons(negative) and protons(positive)...and they said that opposite attracts each other. The nucleus of an atom contains protons. The electrons now orbit around the nucleus? why is it like that? why isn't the electron attracted by the nucleus eh it contains the protons?
  • As far as I know, electrons are in the outter cells and neutrons & prontons are inside neculse, Is it?
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