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The Incredible Puzzle Thread

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This is a thread to discuss some of your other favorite puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, armchair treasure hunts, etc.

To get started, here's an online puzzle hunt I've participated in before: Puzzlecrack. It's a week-long competition with clues given through the web page. Past competitions (and solutions) are still there for you to figure out.

Another similar one is Microsoft's College Puzzle Challenge.

Any other favorites?

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  • I can't remember. But I remember in maternal school (school where you go between ages 2 and 6) how I explained to some boy that no, sodomy didn't result in babies. I know it wasn't in my last year there, so maybe I was about four then?

    Later, I remember asking my parents, since people have sex because they like it or because they want babies, but not always both at the same time, how can you be sure you're going to have babies or not going to have them when you have sex?
    She said that apart from using birth control or not using it, there wasn't much else you could do.
    I commented on how unpractical that was and she seemed to agree.
    I was about six or seven for that, I think.

    I think I came up with the riddle afterwards. So I was in primary school but not a tiny little kid either.
  • seriously? around 7 you came up with that? I didn't even know why people KISSED back when I was 7!
  • The Highway;306145 said:
    seriously? around 7 you came up with that? I didn't even know why people KISSED back when I was 7!
    Haha I had already kissed a guy when I was 7 xD
    Well, it wasn't a "real kiss" though, we didn't use our tongues or exchanged saliva. Didn't do any of that until I was 19.

    But yeah, my parents are doctors, we had a human skull at home I loved playing with and I knew how you make babies. And I knew what boys looked like because I have 3 brothers and we took baths together.

    Now, the anecdote about when I was 4 years old, at the time I only had a basic concept (penis goes into vagina, then baby) but I already knew how it worked. I only remember that specific anecdote because when I told my parents about how "the boy though you put your penis in the behind instead of the vagina", they exchanged a glance that made me shut up. Now I know why :p
    Also, for years I thought that kid had surprised his parents doing it or something, but later my husband told me that having no sisters, only brothers, he didn't really have a concept of what a woman's body was like, so when he looked as his own body, well he came to that conclusion too at that age, he only learned differently later.

    Anyway, coming up with that isn't really dirty. I knew people had sex. Fairly early, I learned they did it for other reasons than having babies, too. Doesn't mean I had any interest in doing it myself at that point. But just because you're not interested in doing something doesn't mean you don't know it exists.
  • The Highway;306071 said:
    What can you see clearly anywhere, but only if someone else speaks it?
    The truth?
    The Highway;306075 said:
    What has no way of speaking, writing or typing, yet communicates to millions of people every day?
    Words? Pictures?
  • The Highway;306133 said:
    In a town with two barbers, one always has a messy haircut and an untidy shop, while the other has a neat cut and the cleanest store around. Which one would you go to?
    The untidy shop of course! Why? Because the barbers obviously cut each others hair!
  • I knew this one, but:
    a) I know lots of people who cut their own hair
    b) How does having a messy/tidy shop come into account? I can see it being just to throw people off, but if I had to choose I'd rather have a crappy haircut and not have to sit on something disgusting while it's being cut.
  • The clean shop means he doesn't get many customers. Messy shop, very busy cutting hair all day, lots of customers.
  • Hum. Even the busiest hairdresser I've been too were always super clean. But I guess that makes some sense seen that way.
  • Harald B;306167 said:
    The truth?
  • Doesn't make sense to me.
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