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Post your desktop screenshots!

posted by tredlow on - last edited - Viewed by 25K users
Here's mine:


Ah... Relaxes me every time I see it.

Yeah, yeah, I still use an XP like a caveman.
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  • Photoshop or SAI. At the end, it's just because I always do the shadows very dark and use those white points in the lights. So, ching! Shiny!
  • Photoshop eh? I just got that, and everytime "I" try to color a picture with more less shadows and stuff; they look it was colored by a 2-year old.
  • You have such a unique style.
    Every time I see talented people it makes me want to draw. Then I try, and I remember I'm terrible at it xD
    Although to be fair, I'd draw more if I had a scanner or something.
  • Thanks a lot... really...

    Anyway, Do anybody knows any program to record the screen which is not the camstasia studio?
  • I used some program called Wink, I don't think that was the name but it was a free software that let you take a bunch of pictures like it was a digital camera.

    It also had video-recording, but it was to much for my old computer so I got rid of it.
  • Print screen and Paint?

    Or do I get the question wrong?
  • Unless it's not Windows, yeah.
  • Hassat Hunter;306409 said:
    Print screen and Paint?

    Or do I get the question wrong?
    Secret*: I want to do a tutorial of how I do the drawings is anyone is curious, but first I need a program to do a movie from my screen.

    * Yeah, in a public forum _ _!
  • I've only recorded off my screen once, and I cheated to do it. I broadcasted what I wanted to record on Livestream using Procaster, with it set to save a recording of what I broadcast. Other than that, I don't know any free way to do it.

    Except...I just remembered one time that I did record a video of my desktop, back when I was trying to install Google Chrome but it kept disappearing on me before I could read the message. But I can't remember what program I used or if it was freeware or shareware.

    So...yeah, this post was pretty much useless.
  • I think by "record my screen" Ginny didn't mean pictures but videos.
    And I don't know of any program that does that, sorry.
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