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Can I buy Season 2 on the Xbox and still get the bonus disk?

posted by HelloDesdemona on - last edited - Viewed by 172 users
I would like to purchase season 2 for xbox, since my PC is the greatest for gaming. However, I saw that if you purchase season 2 from this site, you get a bonus disc. Is there a way to have the xbox version, and still get the bonus disc (without paying another $20 for it)?
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  • The disc is for TTG purchasers only.
  • Same goes with wii and steam. Every game has to be bought from telltale to get the dvd.(I had to buy strong bad twice for the dvd)
  • I can relate.

    My PC isn't exactly a gaming PC, I can't run the game on it's highest settings.. BUT: I know for a fact Season 2 still looks fantastic on the 'low' settings, and runs smoothly and seemlessly on two seperate laptops I've installed it on.

    I got Season 1 for Xbox, and now I don't have a dvd to display next to my Season 2 case, which is kinda odd. I don't get all the special features, although to be fair they at least have the commentaries on the TT video section.

    I would say unless your PC is a TOTAL hunk of junk, get it from TT and get the dvd for free+shipping.

    /answering questions OP never asked :rolleyes: :o
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