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Countdown to episode 2

posted by aHartzell Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 10.3K users
Hi, all. This is Andy Hartzell, writer and lead designer for episode two of "The Devil's Playhouse." As you can see from my pitiful post history, I haven't properly acquired the forum habit yet. But I promise to visit regularly for at least the next month or two.

So let's see...what can I tell you about the upcoming installment? You know it's called "The Tomb of Sammun-Mak", and you've guessed that it involves the mysterious objects that were revealed in the final moments of "The Penal Zone". I can tell you that it's going to be a big episode and a twisty one, a tale that ranges widely in time and space. Like episode 1, this one throws a few new ingredients into the Telltale stew, but the flavor of this one is a bit different. Less oregano, more...cumin. And clove.

There, is that enigmatic enough? Please feel free to post any questions or speculations you may have, and I promise to respond promptly with cryptic non-answers.
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  • Steve2911;306879 said:
    Anyone have any idea what time it'll be up on the TTG download page in GMT time? I have an economics mock exam at 10am so I'd like to have it installed by then if possible.
    Not a hope. It won't be made available until all Telltale staff are in the office. That translates to anywhere between 4pm and midnight for us. Btw we're on BST now. ;)
  • hm.. it says 5/18 pacific standard time, but it's 1am here... and it's 5/18 here... and here is california so that's pacific... i donno man, i just don't know
  • OK, this is based on,
    Hassat Hunter" said:
    Probably 8PM GMT
    And this is IF they release it at this time.
    Tuesday, 18 May 2010 at 20:00:00 UTC
    Click the link to see what time it will be where you are.

    Won't be until the next day at 6am for me...
  • Don't you mean Tuesday?
  • Shwoo;307059 said:
    Don't you mean Tuesday?
    Ahh, wrong date.
    Thought it was tomorrow.
    Which it is for us Australians.
  • 4am? OMFG, again? Daym! oh well, I am definitely not staying up for this one. i would if it release from thursday ---->, but I have to learn now... anyway, i wont be playing it for a while... dont anyone on the forum spoil it for me! lolol, like thats gonna happen. but at lease use SPOILER TAGS please, because I like to... browse... these forums sometimes... actually, i think i spend all my free time here...
  • Well, looks like it's going to be somewhere near midnight for me as well..

    Thank goodness I have a day-off from school tomorrow, staying up and waiting shouldn't be a problem :D (and what's more rewarding than new S&M, after half-sleeping through two 90-minute math lessons in a row tonight? I'm willing to wait!)
  • Trica;307078 said:
    Well, looks like it's going to be somewhere near midnight for me as well..
    That doesn't sound right. Isn't Finland GMT+1 like us Dutchies?
  • No, it's in the next timezone over.
  • Still, GMT+2 would be 10PM then.

    I don't see how that's "near midnight", but maybe Trica thinks 2 hours is 'near'.
    (All still assuming it releases the same time as 301)
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