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Countdown to episode 2

posted by aHartzell Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 10.3K users
Hi, all. This is Andy Hartzell, writer and lead designer for episode two of "The Devil's Playhouse." As you can see from my pitiful post history, I haven't properly acquired the forum habit yet. But I promise to visit regularly for at least the next month or two.

So let's see...what can I tell you about the upcoming installment? You know it's called "The Tomb of Sammun-Mak", and you've guessed that it involves the mysterious objects that were revealed in the final moments of "The Penal Zone". I can tell you that it's going to be a big episode and a twisty one, a tale that ranges widely in time and space. Like episode 1, this one throws a few new ingredients into the Telltale stew, but the flavor of this one is a bit different. Less oregano, more...cumin. And clove.

There, is that enigmatic enough? Please feel free to post any questions or speculations you may have, and I promise to respond promptly with cryptic non-answers.
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  • Can't they just set up an automatic release system and tell us the exact release time?
  • Man, I have never been confused about the time that Telltale releases their games. I even have the second time on my watch and computer set as Pacific time, so what's the deal with people being so confuzzled about when the game's coming out? It'll be between 8am and 12 noon PST.
  • Hassat Hunter;306882 said:
    Probably 8PM GMT, like 301 was... (that's around middle of the day in the USA).
    So lets say i can get back to my laptop at around 3:30 Pacific time would it be up then?
  • Just to confuse you all, the British Isles are using GMT+1 at the moment because of Daylight Saving Change for summer ;)
  • Hassat Hunter;307107 said:
    Still, GMT+2 would be 10PM then.

    I don't see how that's "near midnight", but maybe Trica thinks 2 hours is 'near'.
    (All still assuming it releases the same time as 301)
    Well, 2 hours isn't that far from midnight now, is it? :D (and yes, when I said "somewhere near" I was thinking it would be roughly 10-11PM. )

    But even if the episode came around 10PM in Finland's time, with our internet connection it would take almost an hour to download it. (+ disconnections, I had to re-download Penal Zone about 3 times because of the traffic)

    So it still would be almost midnight when I get to play. :p
  • Yeah, with 1.5 hour download time it would indeed go to "around midnight" :D
    henke37;307108 said:
    Can't they just set up an automatic release system and tell us the exact release time?
    Sure... if they want to be unable to respond to last minute critical issues that need fixing/stuff going wrong.
    Seeing Jake's post... they wont.
  • Trica;307127 said:
    (+ disconnections, I had to re-download Penal Zone about 3 times because of the traffic)
    You might want to consider a download manager then. It's an application that can resume downloads if your connection fails (if the site you download from supports it, which Telltale's site does if I recall correctly).
    If you've got Firefox, a good download manager addon is DownThemAll, which is also useful to download multiple files at once from a site.
    Another download manager I use sometimes is Free Download Manager, which, like the name says, is completely free, and pretty easy to use.

    I hope that'll save you some time, bandwidth and stress :)
  • I want it now, though!

    Honestly can't wait...
  • We have anywhere between two to three hours left...

    ...and then the servers will crash as we try to download all at the same time!:D
  • If it's like 301... the site will go into maintenance mode in... 2 minutes or so...
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