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Wow, ep2. [spoilers]

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Wow, is mostly all I can say. I feel this episode is basicly the height of all that TTG has given us so far.

It's smooth, tons of stuff to explore, extremely interesting and captivating storyline, lots of interaction, all locations are easy accessible, all puzzles makes sense, none of the old annoying characters took part of the story and you added some new ones that it is tons of fun interacting with.

I can't be more satisfied. This was a really, really, really solid performance. Job well done.
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  • onlyamonkey;307886 said:
    I mean, who doesn't love Jurgen? Or do you refer to the soda poppers grandpa? Or the narrator? The molemen doesn't come close to the annoying voice of cops or the boring that is lincoln.
    I was more thinking along the lines of elves and babies.
    Can't hate Jurgen... [in a german accent]dûh[/in a german accent].
  • Yeah, the baby was annoying, but that was the whole point of her. The Elves for some reason, while annoying, I liked how they were. That thing of trying to be a Street Gang + Mafia and actually believe that while been just... elves... I found them rather ironic.
  • Still it would have been great to have this scene

    Nefertiti: You ruined my life, and on my birthday!

    Mariachi: Did somebody say "Birthday"? [Whole music routine] Ole!

    Sameth: That was...

    Maximus: Let's never speak of this again.
  • That would have been perfect, especially seeing as Benny tells his daughter not to reveal the method of undoing the protection spell in front of T-H-E-M.
  • :confused: these still more protector film its not in the storey
  • Harakiri23;307794 said:
    also kudos to the idea on figuring something out in the future to use it in the past
    In before "apollo justice did it first lolol"

    (Sammun-Mak pulled it off a lot better, though)
  • Wow indeed.

    I should be used to it by now but it's just amazing how telltale can keep topping themselve like that. The old season almost seem lame compared to the new stuff (and coming from a "it was better in my time" twat like me, that's saying something :p)

    Was a bit turned off by a game breaking bug near the end, had to redo the whole episode... But it's done now and the annoyance is forgotten :D

    I love how they're getting closer and closer to the real whackiness of the old comics ;)
  • I didn't like it as much as others myself. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but I didn't like playing it out of order, and the new powers felt... weak.
  • I really enjoyed this episode, it makes everything else that's come before it seem a bit Fisher-Price :p. To me it was the first time playing a Telltale game where it could really go toe-to-toe with a big budget adventure game, that's in terms of sheer scope and the quality of just nigh on everything.

    To me everything was just right on the money
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