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Bugs/Glitches I found

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Two that I can remember vividly:

1. When i used the Can on the train in the second movie(I had to go back in time to get the can because I didn't have it, ie I finished two of the movies before getting to that part) The can placed itself below the floor so it looked like they got sucked into the floor. It got back into place after the animation was done.

1.5 When I used the can of nuts in front of the daughter and father molemen on the train it did not play it's sound effect.

2. Do not and I repeat do not get the Opposite sex curse and then the bad luck curse at the same and then wait for the Opposite sex curse to die out. Even though it said the curse was gone the animation was still there and when I got the bad luck curse removed I still had the opposite curse animation floating around. When I clicked the Grampa Moleman dialog option Benny's Curse I got a dialog circle with no dialog(ie I had no choice and could not right click out). Have to go back and do it again.
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  • Small glitch I got:

    Every time I entered the moles' train compartment after having already spoken to him, the father was standing there in his T-pose (animators know what I'm talking about). Once I clicked on him he was animated normally though.
  • I had mostly fading glitches, but they were centralized to just the introduction.

    As far as the actual game goes, the most annoying problem I had was the data lag whenever the game auto-saved. I literally sat there for five minutes before things would animate again and the little "Game Saved" text appeared.
  • Is the moleman father supposed to do his "left or right" convo each and every time? Don't remember it happening before loading a save (see thread in game support) but it certainly happened after, and got annoying quick.
  • The first time I loaded up the game, when I put in the first reel, Sam's notebook came up and blocked the cutscene, so I just went ahead and started the game over and it wasn't a problem anymore. Weird.

    Here's a good one I found: During "The Journey Home" when I was trying to figure out how to get Baby Amelia out of her room to go help the elves play-test, I ended up clicking on the Can of Nuts in Amelia's room right before Vampire Slushie decided to get impatient and go back in his room, which caused Sameth and Maximus to walk out of Amelia's room, after which their "using the can" animation played inside her room even though they had left. For some reason this caused the wall in front of the elves' room to disappear. Leaving the area and switching reels didn't fix it, even after saving and quitting the game the wall was still gone. As far as I could tell, it didn't affect the gameplay but I loaded a previous save to finish the game.

  • Just had a quick try at it and as for the Mac, it still isn't up to the PC version.

    Low performance as well as stuttering like in 301. As i can run other 3d content (mine as well as other games) without any or at least less problems, i suspect the error source is on TTG's side, although i have to say that i'm looking forward to Apple's driver updates in 10.6.4 as well.

    I had the impression that if you're choosing a resolution which comes closer to your native aspect ratio that things improve noticeably. I can't even play on the lowest graphics level if i'm for instance going with a resolution of 1024x768. If i change this to 1024x600 (right one?) then things speed up so that it runs fine up to graphics level 7.

    So i thought i found a workaround but then after some time the stuttering kicks in again. The quality of the Mac port really isn't up to the quality you're used to from the PC which is kind of sad. :O/

    Specs (OSX 10.6.3, Core i5, GT330M (disabled GPU switching), 4GB)
  • When I used the can in front Jurgen when he was on the wall, they reappeared up on top of the wall he was on. The only problem was I hadn't triggered the stairs so I had no way down. Not that it makes much sense to use the can there.
  • Isn't there a few doors up there anyway? You should have been able to get back down. Unless I remember wrong and the doors open at the same time as you activate the stairs.
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