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Funniest Moment ep. 2 (spoilers, goes without saying actually)

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Mine was in the begining with the molewoman and the hieroglyphics.

Molewoman : A yea a foot a snake two skwigles and a bird.
Sameth : and how do you say that in ancient egyptian?
Molewoman : Fut, Snek, Skwigl, Skwigl, Burd
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  • Sameth panicking when Maximus first turns into a cow is funny.

    And the egyptian comics... "You can tell she's mad because of the scorpions crawling out of her eyes", and of course, cutting cucumbers lengthwise. And fut, snek, skwigl, skwigl, burd.

    And a lot more that I just can't remember right now... Either way, ingenius episode overall. : )
  • ^ And when the same happens on train reel, Sam says "no, no, for the love of god, no" in a totally calm voice. :D (yet those other lines are still the same, kind of hilarious)

    And I agree, the 'point-and-click adventure games" one was the best! And that cucumber joke totally got me after a while. :)

    Also, I liked the scene in the tomb when you were turned into a wall-painting, it got some great parts. Like when Max started singing-
    Guardians: "SILENCE!"
    Max: D:

    Wish i remembered the exact lines, I could mention tons of more. :D The beginning of the first reel was hilarious, too.
  • "You should've seen what she was trying to do with my ears" got a pretty hearty chuckle from me.
  • I was impressed by the delivery of Sameth's lines in his initial reaction to Cow Maximus. It really shows how much Nowlin has improved since Season One!

    ...I also laughed every time Jurgen opened his door on the train.

  • The molegirl's love letter was great. I also loved Grandpa Moleman's reaction when you use Max's voice on the sarcophagus.
  • "How many elves you got in there?"
    "At last count? A hundred and fifty three, point five."
    "Point five?"
    "Gary the third level paladin is only half-elf."
  • "Why can't we all just get along, Sameth?"
    "Because most of us are assholes, little buddy."

    The clown-horn bleeping made it for me for that line. My humour is too juvenile.
  • adventureaddict;308119 said:
    The 'cutting the cucumber lengthways' got me bursting into laughter after a while.
    Good job, telltale. =P
    Did you see the cucumber cut lengthwise, near ending? XD
  • The love letter that reads in part "someday we'll be together in a place where Geramns and Moles are free to kiss" but I guess that's just because Jergen ends up there anwsering phones..."FOR ETERNITY"!

    Oh and did anyone notice that phoneticly the summoning incantation was pig latin for "Come on in the Water's fine!"
  • Giant Tope;308124 said:
    Sameth suggesting point and click adventures as a toy idea made me laugh so hard. The timing and everything was perfect.
    Hehe. I think TTG realised that too, making it the only option you can repeat (which I obviously did about 5 times).
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