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Mac: ugly fonts in Sam & Max

posted by lersveen on - last edited - Viewed by 291 users
Ok, so this seems to be an issue in both 301, 302 AND season 2 for mac. The fonts are quite pixelated a lot of places in the games, like there's a lack of proper anti-aliasing or something. It's insanely annoying. What's up with that?
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  • This should be fixed for all future mac games. Might be a little tricky to go back and fix, since it's an engine change, but I'll look into it.
  • Ah. Please see what you can do. As a designer and pixel-perfectionist i find it really annoying that most of the text looks so bad.

    Also, from what I've seen when testing the graphics set to 9 (and perhaps 7-8) in any of the mac games the whole game looks worse (at least to me) than what it does at 4-5. Is there some issue with the anti-alias in OS X or something? It kinda looks like the anti-alias makes everything a bit.. blurry?

    Anyways, thanks for the quick reply!
  • Also, the shadows are veeeery pixelated, and that doesn't happen on Windows. Performance seems to have improved noticeably from the first episode though :)
  • Yeah, the second build of 302 was great! I switched from graphics level 4 to 6 and it was actually less choppy. I could even play it at 9, though I don't see the point when 9 looks worse on mac.
  • Gotta agree about the choppy shadows. Sam looks like he's got a stair-case on his head at the edge of his hat's shadow.
  • Agreed on the fonts, they're really annoying. :/ Would love to see these fixed.
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