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  • caeska;308177 said:
    Try using astral projection to go to a different reel temporarily, then go back to reel 2 afterwards. The bust should reappear on the plinth.
    I tried that and it didn't work, just to let other people know...

    Luckily for me, loading my auto-save fixed it.
  • I ran into this bug pretty much immediately after solving the riddle. Hadn't gotten any curses yet. I mucked around with the bust in the niches a bit, then placed it back on the plinth and it disappeared during the animation. Couldn't get it back - the bust was gone and the selectable area only referred to the guardians. Switching reels fixed it.
  • Okay, just successfully replicated it. In case TTG hasn't figured it out (unlikely):

    * Place the bust back.
    * Get the ventriqilist dummy.

    Gonna do it again step-by-step now to see the precise cause, as it could have been anything between...

    (Also interesting as additional note is that placing the bust in the RIGHT niche makes the trip-plate dissapear as well. Although that bug seems completely unrelated to this one)

    Problem isolated. It's Max turning into a cow, as it also happens after you just talk to her after pissing her off, turning Max into a cow (note: I did not place the bust until I had the dummy obviously!). Did quite a lot of other stuff in the tomb, and nothing had the same effect, just the cowturning.
    Don't ask me why the hell it's related though, that's for TTG to know/figure out.
  • This is very weird. I got this bug as well.

    However, I think I got up to that point through a bug. I turned into the can of nuts while not on the bust ramp and then when sam and max were reappearing from the can, it moved up to the platform where you pickup the bust. :/
  • Happened to me as well.

    I placed the bust on the pedestal, put Earhart into Grampa's hands, waited for her to escape and climb into the hole in the wall, then walked back out and the bust was gone and the pedestal was no longer clickable.
  • I also have experienced this bug. Switching reels does not restore the bust to the plinth.

  • I also have this problem. Has a fix been found yet?
  • caeska;308177 said:
    Try using astral projection to go to a different reel temporarily, then go back to reel 2 afterwards. The bust should reappear on the plinth.
    I also tried that to no avail.

    My last save game is quite a while back...hope a fix can be found.
  • i also got this problem , but only realised i need that to complete the game ! , now i cannot progress any more into the game untill i get my bust back , any idea how long on the fix?
  • I just ran into this issue, too. After picking up the bust, I put it in each of the nooks, then put it back on the plinth, at which point it disappeared. Changing reels doesn't do anything. Like Hassat Hunter said, the trip plate also disappears, but I'm pretty sure I made the bust disappear before I got the ventriloquist dummy or got any curses.

    Here's my savegame: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ydzm3yjmjzz
    Unfortunately, I progressed a while after it happened, thinking it would reappear, so it might not help.

    edit: I did a little more testing, and it has something to do with the right niche. If you put the bust in the right niche, the trip plate disappears. You can see this if you run over to the trip plate after placing the bust in the niche, or while you're removing the bust. After you remove the bust, the trip plate reappears, but I can't recreate this bug so I'm not sure what's causing the trip plate to stay hidden.
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