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More iPad releases please!

posted by seron on - last edited - Viewed by 803 users
Please for the love of all that is Sam & Max, bring the rest of the seasons to the iPad! Heck, bring Guybrush Threepwood along too! I will buy each and every single one.

I've always loved the Sam & Max games, but I just don't play games in front of a console or on the PC any more. I work all day on the computer and then I want to relax on the couch with my wife. I had such a blast playing the Penal Zone on my iPad! My wife can watch the television, while I sit next to her and enjoy Max's nuttiness. All becomes well with the world! (Ok, you NEED to fix a bunch of the bugs. My autosave got corrupted and thank goodness I had a manual save not *too* far back. I've had it crash many times, and there's that awful audio bug with the screeching. But, worth suffering through).

If you fix the showstopper bugs and do a little more marketting of the game, I think you can be really successful in the app store, especially as adoption of the iPad picks up. Please keep up the great work!!!
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    Add me to that list too
  • I'd like to add a plus one to this for all of the iPad users who would love this. I personally like using my macbook for it, but I know the rest of us would love it
  • Surely if they bring 301 to the Ipad the rest will follow too... I think.
  • While you're at it, stop being so devicists and make an android version. Kthxbai.
  • +1 to the list

    any ideas why episode 2 isnt on the app store yet?
  • Hassat Hunter;308857 said:
    Surely if they bring 301 to the Ipad the rest will follow too... I think.
    Well, the rest of this season likely will. I never played season two, and while I would love for it to come along for the ride, I recognize that they made some big changes in season 3 to better accommodate a touch screen device. I.e., the first few seasons were very big on mouse-over revealed object names.
  • +1 here too! S&M on the iPad rocked! I keep seeing spoilers that I really don't want to see while checking for an iPad update everyday.
  • Unfortunately Joel mentioned that the iPad version is on a different release schedule than the others.

    Sounds to me like they are going to polish up some of the technical issues before releasing another episode. I had no issues with S&M on the iPad given what specs they have to work with on the device. But I am all for polishing a game to make it even better.

    The wait is killing me though.
  • Maybe they'll find some way to bundle them and provide em cheaper than the price you guys were paying before :)
  • I'm with "wildcardd" - very excited about the new episode and happy to have it on a separate release schedule if that means it's undergoing some polishing... That said, it'd be fantastic to have the older catalogs available (as well as other series such as M.I.) :)
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