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Did Curse destroy Monkey Island?

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Clearly there are a few people here that view Curse as the actual down point of the series, really laying into it, saying that the series would be better off dead than to have the Curse/Escape/Tales stories. Now, strong views, could be because of how they perceive the story or it could be something to do with the lack of Ron Gilbert being the main series runner once MI2 ended, but here's a coin flip thread, for anything that was done/explained in Curse, I'm going to take a look at why it was BAD and why it was GOOD. So let's get started:

THE BIG ONE: It was all a Dream/Curse??
BAD: In Monkey Island 1 and 2 we have many modern day references, as Monkey Island 2 progresses further into weirdness at the end we learn that LeChuck and Guybrush are brothers and are really kids at some amusement park, we're lead to believe that the series was actually in the head of a child with an over active imagination, as the credits roll we see Chuckie's eyes glow and somewhat resemble LeChuck facial features, but hey, this is just a cheeky nod to the gamer right? If we believe this route, then there would never be a Monkey Island 3, the idea is out, why would gamers want to play a game storyline they know is just the imagination of some kid, any threatening things in such story wouldn't matter anymore (which is odd seeing as Guybrush can Die in both Monkey Island 1 and 2). There were loads of book titles in the library that mention why Trilogies suck, etc so even though the idea was mentioned afterwards, Monkey Island 2 WAS meant to be the final story, the shock ending was meant to show the gamer that this amazing world they've been in for so long was actually just the dreams of a little boy.

GOOD: But wait, Chuckie's face turns into LeChuck as Guybrush and his parents walk away from him, and let's talk about Big Whoop, in the story, we already know that Four Crewmen and even LeChuck himself have seen Big Whoop and how terrible it is, yet here, in this odd tunnel, the crate is smashed, there is nothing in this crate except for a single E-Ticket, somethings not right here. Then we start seeing things from Melee Island and even the street from Melee Island itself, this is all getting weirder by the minute. Then comes the moment when Guybrush finally rips apart LeChuck, but wait, he's our Brother, our Kid Brother? And this Janitor appears telling us to get out? Then we get our weird ending, with the sinister glance from LeChuck to the player letting us know something is not right. And of course during the end credits we flash back to the Monkey Island universe where Elaine is waiting for Guybrush and comments that she hopes LeChucks hasn't put some kind of Curse on him and this is what Curse and essentially the rest of the series has built upon, has the rest of a series continued on from a throw away joke at the end of MI2, or was Guybrush really cursed and everything from waking up in the tunnels fake?

-- Coming Soon, LeChuck is a Cartoon Villain? The Four Map Pieces Explanation? An Amusement Park?? Continuity Problems? --
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  • Pale Man;308792 said:
    I always thought the entire atmosphere of the first two MI games was incredibly campy and comedic, I have never understood why people think they were serious and/or dark in any way.
    Oh, they both had their moments, don't get me wrong. It would be incorrect to say that SOMI and LR were both very serious, straight-faced games.

    But they did have their moodier moments - especially LR. I found the setting of LR always a little bit odd and unsettling, which I think was because of the artwork, and also the fact that the plot was very rambling and uncertain. It wasn't your straightforward Damsel-in-Distress plot that Curse and, I suppose, SOMI was.

    You were never really sure of a lot of things in LR, and that of course became even more blurred when you got to the end of the game.

    Of course, there were some very campy moments in the games, admittedly. But I do to this day feel the tone of the first two games, LR especially, is definitely different from Curse. 'Darker' might be an over-simplistic and perhaps incorrect term to use - it's difficult to explain, but I have always felt there is a level of dissonance in the first two - a mixture of comedy and uneasiness - that does lend itself to that bittersweet tone.

    (Sorry if I haven't explained myself very well!)
  • muggy;308817 said:

    (Sorry if I haven't explained myself very well!)
    You better be sorry, people actually went through the trouble of reading that! :mad:


    *ARGH!!!!* *URGH!!!!!* RAGHHHH!* :mad:

    Honestly I never got the argument before, esp next to the first game, but I agree with you with LR, definitely. You've worded it appropriately.
  • Pale Man;308792 said:
    I always thought the entire atmosphere of the first two MI games was incredibly campy and comedic, I have never understood why people think they were serious and/or dark in any way.
    Agreed (and I played LCR before CMI).
    Blood Island certainly got that 'dark athmosphere' as well IMO.
  • Pale Man;308711 said:
    Yeah, my response was to RD's claim that every character in the entire game was a pirate.
    Yeah, I see that now. I apologize, my mistake.
  • Destroy is such a strong word, it should be "Did Curse change Monkey Island?"
  • I think most would agree that Curse -changed- Monkey Island. Destroy IS a bit extreme though.
  • O gosh you have to be joking D: CMI is my favourate XD Though I have a fondness towards SMI and MI2 since these games I was playing with my dad when I was age 3 growing up. Just a childhood memory I guess. The style of CMI was lovley and the animation was perfect, id say it had the most effort put in then all MI due to the hand animation. With 3D you can pretty much make the 3D modal then all you have to do is put them around like a puppet. Le Chuck never seemed that serious to me, he just seems to be like a love struck pirate who got his hands on a lot of voodoo. I'm sure any rotton pirate, no matter who they were as a person (dumb, smart, posh etc) when getting their hands on a huge heeping helpful of magic, would take the same kind of evil actions le chuck did. I love Le Chuck and im glad he's slighty less evil in CMI cause he scared me in the 2nd and 1st games D:
  • I think CMI fits in with the first two. They all seemed to be real sequels continuing onward. But Escape came out and it felt loose - different. Like a side story. Tales also had this feel for me.
  • I've played all of the Monkey Island games, and I don't remember the island ever being destroyed by a curse.
  • I skimmed through most of the posts here and a lot of what I was going to reply with has been said. You could say Curse 'changed' the monkey island series, though I would personally call it 'refined' as changed still has a slight negative connotation to it. And 'Destroyed' is just down right ridiculous IMO. Unless you are a MI2 Fan Boy/Girl that loved the 'kids imagination' concept then I could not understand how anyone could claim CMI 'Destroyed' anything.

    CMI was fun, the characters were distinct and enjoyable, the audio was so well suited, the interface was simply brilliant, the plot felt complete and concise, the gameplay had some variation to it that made it more interesting than its predecessors, the art style was beautifully uniform and interesting... I could go on, but I think I've stated my opinion enough.
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