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I want a guybrush figurine just like in chapter 4

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users
This might of been posted up before, but oh well,...but who would want a Guybrush figurine, just like stan was showing in chapter 4, it would be good, since theres hardly much Monkey Island Merchandise out there

what do you guys think?

also i other Monkey Island merchandise i wouldnt mind seeing is

*Art of Monkey Island
*History and behind the scenes of Monkey Island book

cant think of anything else at the guys can add more
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  • ok how about i make a deal with you ?, we can share it, ill have it on the weekdays and you can have it on the weekend :P
  • That is not really fair, if you ship it from the UK to Denmark it wont get here until Monday anyway...

    Hey that was your plan all along, wasn't it :p
  • maybe it is, maybe it isnt :P what do you suggest we do?
  • Maybe fighting about something we don't actually have is such a good idea :p

    But in the of chance that this is actually going to be a product, I won't hesitate to buy it. Guybrush is just awesome, and having one to show of would be so cool :)
  • you think its a good idea lol, and who says were fighting, im not mean :P

    im just like you, anything Monkey Island,i dont hesitate,I Bought Tales as soon as I saw it,same with Iphone,i even paid for the soundboard, which eventually became free lol.

    but im warning you now Veronicanplay, if i get a Guybrush figurine before you,im gunna boast it so much infront of you :P, ill post photos up to tease you lol
  • Not saying you are mean, you are just a fan just like me :)

    And make sure it's good pictures, I want to see Guybrush in all his Pirate Glory :)
  • I've just realized that I haven't posted my painted version in here yet. I'll just quote myself from the fanart-thread:
    Laserschwert;274575 said:
    Painting time! (click the images for bigger views)

    About to start... Guybrush is already primed in black. Let's hope this works!

    A few progress shots... the little details were really hard (especially the eyes).
    And I haven't done the pattern on his coat. Maybe some other time.
    Can you spot where I totally messed up the coloring?

    Done! Kinda...
  • Ok, that is totally awesome!
    The colours are just right and I don't see any mistakes at all, it's really nicely done.
    You got some mad painting skills :)

    And now I really want one :p
  • Laserschwert i like how you said at the end "Done! kinda..." its like watching a movie with to be continued,so i cant wait till more suprises

    i need to start making clay models,but need to find the time lol

    oh and VeronicanPlay , dont forget i get first dibs on the guybrush figurine :p

    and i wonder what happened to "thekiff" guybrush figurine?
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