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Finished, but what about...

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Game is done, and I'm used to there being red herrings, but...

[SPOILER]There's a snake on a train[/SPOILER], and it really bugs me! Did anyone find out how to do anything more than look at it?
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  • Apparently it was going to be used in a puzzle that was cut from the game.
  • Ah, thanks. It definitely felt very puzzley.
  • I don't see why it can't be there just because.
    It is the mole girl's pet snake, as we learn in the tomb.
    The girl mole is on the train moving to America

    Why wuldnt she take her pet?
  • It was something about how to get the milk. A longer, more convoluted puzzle that was eventually just exchanged with "max becomes a cow". One of the telltale guys said exactly what on here a while back, but cannot find it.
  • And everyone rejoices we basically bugged Andy a very long (and annoying) time before ep. 2 was released to tell us that :D.
  • I've had it up to here with these motherfu.... sorry, someone had to.
  • The snake threw me off for awhile. I figured I had to milk it's venom to spike the glass o' milk.
  • Holy carp, you tried to kill Santa Claus! You monster!
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