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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

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One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • I've been wondering what the difference is between "a massive crush" and being in love.
  • Creepiness?

    So, reciprocity? :p

    I asked Giant Tope on Messenger and we reached the conclusion that a crush is more physical/hormonal/irrational and being in love is more emotional/based on actually knowing the person. But if you have another definition that works too.

    Sometimes when people say "oh, it was just a crush", it kinda sounds to me like they're saying "it didn't result in a relationship". But I don't think feelings are any less valid because nothing happens. So I don't really think the difference lies in reciprocity or feasibility or something.

    Also I'm not sure if a crush is something that should be brushed off. Obviously it meant a lot to you at the time, how would it have felt seeing your future self dismissing your feelings like that?

    As usual, I'm probably over-thinking it all.
  • I have been waking up with a desire of cookies already which i will now go hunting and as the weather is fine, i'm looking forward for some climbing today.
  • I think you and Tope pretty much have it down, although I think that some degree of reciprocity is necessary for you to get close enough to the person to fall in love, at least on a friendship level, though I'm also sure that there are cases that are exceptions.

    Something else going through my mind: How the hell did I pull this off?

  • Something going though my mind: I should replay the N64 Zelda games. Actually I think I never even finished Majora's mask.
  • I just pushed my friend through Majora's Mask. He's the one who started the whole game catalog/completion list thing with my friends, and it was on his list, so I motivated him to finish it and basically played human walkthrough.

    I need to finish the Zelda series period. I've beaten every game at least twice (usually much more) except two of them: I've only finished Four Swords once (since I only have one friend who also has it, and I don't see him often), and I've never beaten Zelda II on the NES.

    Something else going through my mind: a massive headache because I didn't get enough sleep last night or drink enough water today.
  • I'm thinking I miss France, or rather my friends in France. And that it would be really cool if my apartment's door could open as any door I wanted, so I could have any neighbourhood I'm in the mood for any time I go out.
  • I have a similar sort of thought all the time, except with me it's pocket dimensions. I think it'd be awesome to have the ability to open a portal to a pocket dimension. There's the most obvious application of actually opening a portal in the pocket of your pants for infinitely deep pockets, or in a doorway for infinite closet space. Or, if it worked a certain way, you could even open one entrance to it somewhere and another entrance to it somewhere else and effectively have teleportation powers.

    Yes, I've wasted entirely too much thought on this.
  • Well I guess in my idea the whole apartment would be what's in the pocket dimension, in a way. Although my idea was fairly limited (but I like powers that have specific restrictions, they seem more interesting to me), in that the front door could be opened as any door that I actually knew was there.
    Doesn't mean I necessarily needed to have been there, I could also check google maps or something I guess.
    Also, the view from the windows could be a view from an actual window, but it did become that view, so if something was build in front or if people were being noisy in the street or something, I'd get the consequences. And it couldn't be the view from a place that wasn't a window.
    But people in the street if there was one couldn't see me unless I actually bent over and out of the window. Similarly, people couldn't see inside the apartment when I opened a door, they'd see what's actually on the other side of that door like I came out of it. And I couldn't open it if there was already someone in the doorway, too close to the door or if the door was open.

    Opening absolutely any door, and not necessarily the same one I came through, could lead back into my apartment if I wanted to. Had to figure it out while opening the door, though. See, the way it went is that the people on the side that became my apartment would see the door as still closed, while the people on the other side would see it open and me getting inside, then closing the door behind me.
    I'd also have the option of going through a window if I wanted, I guess, never really thought about that. I guess I'd have to open the window myself, and then the view would change for anyone inside my apartment.

    Mmh... That's pretty much all I can think of about it right now. Obviously I've given it a lot of thought, too :p
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