My first non-banang related comic[s].

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Max was thirsty...
I don't know if they have Sunny Delight outside the US... Makes no sense if you've never seen the commercial or drank the stuff.

If Max were a Baritone. Only funny if you picture Max with a deep voice. Well, funny to me at least. :)

Sam doesn't have a singing voice.

Sam has a confession.

Awww, poor Sam.

Sam takes a shot at redemption.

Don't speak of such things!

Heeeyyyyyyy something something. Aww one of the 'y's skipped over when I clicked finish... Oh well.

Edit: I might add a couple more here and there later, cause I'm bored...


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    Too little WAYYYY too late? Probably. :(

    Got a little collection going on at this point. Are they terrible? Mediocre? Somewhat meh ok? *wiggles hand* ..... I think they're alright, but then again I made them, so they'd appeal to my sense of humor of course... *crickets chirp*

    Don't forget Banang Intervention! I'm kinda happy with that little 3 parter.
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    I liked "Sam takes a shot at redemption", that was a good one!
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    Thanks. :o
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    I like the banang ones best :D
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    I think they're my favorite as well. :o
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    Heh, that was pretty cool. : D
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