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Are there any fans of Rare on here?

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Knowing that there are fans of every{but mostly a few} Lucasarts adventure games on here, I figured I would bring up a company that was once with Nintendo but sadly enough is in need of a serious rescue that company is Rare ltd{known in the past in the generation of the SNES and n64 games as Rareware}. This company has been known for bringing back Donkey Kong...But also giving us a bear and a bird, a james bond FPS that has been wildly considered as the best FPS, and a drunken squirrel who clearly is a complete badass.

So are there even any fans of Rareware on here? My favorite games are DKC and Bad fur day...Alot of people say Rare was better off with Nintendo, I'm one of them.
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  • I was a fan of rare, but i get the feeling that they had exhausted their creative juices with the n64. Games like Grabbed by the ghoulies were planned for the GC afterall. They would have gone sour whether or not MS bought them. In fact, if MS hadn't of bought them, Nintendo would have been in some sincere financial difficulties.
  • I was a pretty big fan of Rare back on the N64. Also Bonkers you forgot about Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark. Easy to understand the former although it was a good game, but the latter is almost as good as Goldeneye in it's own way, and unfortunate as it is, the higher res remake on the Xbox might be the best game they've made for that system. Although Banjo Kazooie: N&B is pretty good too.

    But yeah after the N64 they did kinda go downhill rather quickly. The one piece of irony that always makes me smile is that the Remake of Conker's Bad Fur Day ended up getting toned down compared to the original, which pretty much flew in the face of the whole "Nintendo is kiddie" thing.
  • Rare did really good with nintendo. I may find DK64 confusing, but it's fun

    DKC is awesone

    Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts isn't even a Banjo Kazooie game, it just has the character tacked on to make it familiar.
  • Yeah Remolay. If it didn't have Banjo and Kazooie tacked on it I think it might have been seen in a better light, but most people were probably expecting the witty platformers of old.

    And if I'm being honest, the American Soap Opera style of introducing the characters at the start of a new level makes me cringe.
  • I really don't know of any Rare games made for Nintendo systems that I didn't love, except maybe Star Fox Adventures. But that's only because I never really got to play it very much.

    I was pretty upset when Microsoft bought them. But at the same time, they haven't made anything good for the Xbox (except Perfect Dark for XBL). I also stand by the fact that the multi-played for the original Perfect Dark was better than GoldenEye.
  • plrichard;310756 said:
    But at the same time, they haven't made anything good for the Xbox
    Viva Pinata and it's sequel are both fantastic games, Nuts and Bolts was also great.

    People need to realise that Rareware of old and Rare of today are not the same company. They have struggled to find a new identity, which Molyneux tried to address. The staff changed a lot during the last generation of consoles, which of course affected the calibre of games they made at the time, though now they now have a fantastic pool of talent.
  • I love rare. Banjo kazooie is one of my favorite games of all time.
    I love all but gruntys revenge.
    I never understood why people hated nuts n bolts.
    All of kazooies moves were technically in the game as vehicle parts
    Grenade eggs, eggs, fire eggs, talon trot(as the vehicles alone) flying, high jump. If you just think about it, all of those are in the game as vehicle parts.
    Plus I heard they were planning to do the vehicles on nintendo as an idea for threeie anyway.
  • Looove DKC. Ah, the memories. Those games were the ones we all sat around a tiny tv and took turns with when I was a young'un.
    And I love Viva Pinata. So easy to waste a whole day playing!
  • accept it as cannon or not, it's still not Banjo-Threeie,

    Rare is awesome, they can pull stuff off. they can pull off an actual Banjo-Threeie
  • Oh yeah, I'm a fan of Rare to. I loved the DKC series, Killer Instinct, Banjo-Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, & Perfect Dark games.
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