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Sexuality in Sam and Max

posted by muskieratboi on - last edited - Viewed by 4.5K users
(Boy, is this one gonna be controversial)

Please, don't be crass or Rude here, or start posting sam and Max Pr0n, I'd like serious discussion.

Anyway. I've finished Season 1, and there seems to be a LOT of sexual tension, Even more so than any of the comics, or Hit the road. Sam and Max's "Platonic" relationship, Bosco dressing up as his mother, Sybil's perfect match being the severed head of the Lincoln Monument... Hell, Sybil almost outs our fave dectective duo in Episode 4!

Anyone care to discuss?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    These modern times...
  • muskieratboi;31061 said:
    Hell, Sybil almost outs our fave dectective duo in Episode 4!
    I'm posting a major spoiler here for the final episode of Season 2, but Max is actually a girl. (Honestly, where else but in the feminine mystique do you find such a mix of adorable and malicious?)
  • Yet Max reads Playbunny. Does that mean Max is a lesbian? -grin-

    But seriously, since bosco won't tell us, can TTG tell us why the hell he dressed up like his mother in Bright side of the moon?
  • Hey Max doesn't even like girls.. It must be a reflection of the writers sexual tension..anything going on between brendan and dave?

  • Wanna rub my unicorn?
  • "Harder...... Harrrrder......"

  • I think this is one reason why one should play s and m season 1 as oppose to HTR: More character development!! LOL

    I mean you know the two are gay for each other, which is a okay to me. This is comming from a straight guy, btw.
  • Sam: Wanna rub my unicorn?
  • Here's my theory on Bosco's mother-dressing. Many, many moons ago, there was a bright young man named Stephen Purcell. The world was his oyster, and he couldn't have been happier. One fine day, Steve said to the local barkeep, Mabel,
    "Say, I have an idea. People like to laugh, right? Well, how about a comic about two 'freelance police' named Sam & Max? Sam could be a lovable dog whose personality harkens back to the time of Bogart, and Max could be a rabbit with a severe mental disorder!"

    Steve rushed home that night, sketchbook in hand, and began drawing at a feverish pace. The rest was history.

    Cut to 2007, at the Telltale Headquarters/Steakhouse. A bright young man named David Grossman sat at his desk, wondering how to capture the vision of Steve Purcell for the 6th time. He scanned the Telltale forums for inspiration, since a delightful ragamuffin named ShaggE often posted there, and everyone at Telltale was always talking about how they should hire him to write Season 2.

    Unfortunately, ShaggE was away that week, so Dave had to come up with something funny on his own. He asked himself, "What would ShaggE do?".

    He thought, and thought some more. "EUREKA!" Dave exclaimed. "I'll have Bosco crossdress! Nobody will expect it!"

    And so, a joke was born. This concludes our story on why the dude looks like a lady. Visit your local library for more info.

  • ShaggE your mother hugged you too much as a child didnt she
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