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How do you get this trophy (spoilers)

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it's the one that says make max lose his rabbithood and luck at the same time, I can't seem to figure it out, it doesn't seem possible, because in order to make you get cursed with bad luck, you have to get the dummy, which you lose your rabbithood first, but it soon wares off, and you need the dummy to get cursed with bad luck, but you cannot lose your rabbithood again, the curse does not work a second time, I tried, so how do you get it. (I am assuming since I used the word trophy, you know I am refering to the PS3 version.)
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  • Get bad luck curse.
    Hop to reel 3 (after getting it to the point tht talking to nerfertti = auto curse basically).

    Curses seem to persist between reels for a while, if tht dont work there MUST be a dialogue option or action tht makes nerfertiti cast her curse again
  • Are you saying that the bad luck curse stays with you even if you skip reels, because in reel 3 you can always get her to recast it, I was trying to get it in reel 2 (where you get the bad luck curse)

    one other question, but how do you use the dummy on the 2 guardians in reel 2, I try they are sparkling, but nothing happens?
  • You can get re-cursed by Nefertiti in reel 2 too.
    Cursed don't stay between reels.
    Forget about dummying the guardians, doesn't do anything important.
  • NeatNit;310901 said:
    Forget about dummying the guardians, doesn't do anything important.
    He has to do it, because there's a trophy about dummying everything in sight
  • My suggestion: when you have bad luck on, hide in the can to go through the doors without getting killed. Then, get cursed by Nefertiti.

    No clue about the guardians.
  • Avistew;310946 said:
    No clue about the guardians.
    It is possible, but I know how to do it in the PC Version T_T
  • Throwing the bust through the one of the doorways will "bust" the mechanism. After that you can walk through with the bad luck curse unharmed.
  • go to reel 3, go through far enough to find the love letter, to learn about stattgart, go to reel 2 and find grampa mole at the crypt. look at the travel brochures, select stattgart, now you're cursed with bad luck.
  • You are all misunderstanding the question, in order to get the badluck curse you need the dummy, in order to get the dummy you need to take it from the mole girl, where she curses you. the you can get the bad luck curse, but if you go back to the mole girl, she tries to curse you again but it doesn't work a second time meaning you can't have both curses at the same time. (I already beat episode 2 by the way.) and I need to know how to talk to the guardian for the trophy.
  • !!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!! DO NOT READ No you do not need the dummy, This trophy is only possible on ACT 2. You have to have bad luck from grandpa mole, the bust of sammun-mak and have NOT acquired the ventriliquist dummy yet. You need to playthrough act 3 far enough to get the love letter that mole girl writes to Yurgen. Yurgen will go into the moles room repeatedly trying to get something from them, talk to mole girl about everything listed and papa mole for everything listed. now walk out of the moles room. Usually exiting to the next car and re-entering the previous car will show a cutscene of mole girl giving Yurgen the love letter. Leave and re-enter the car again and Yurgen should leave his room go get the love letter, sam reads it to max, STATTGART.NOW go to ACT 2. see the devils toybox, dummy flys out swallowed by snake, pull both snake ornaments on right wall after talking to Yurgen. then get the bust, answer the carvings with straight talk, then cut the cucumber sideways. You are now off the wall with the bust. Now go see grandpa mole in the crypt select the travel brochures, select STATTGART, now you are cursed with bad luck. Go to the 2 doorways and select either doorway then select the bust. You now have 2 halves, the 2 doorways is broken. Now go into mole girls's room and when she sicks her pet snake on you select can'o'nuts and you will have the ventriliquist dummy, and mole girl will hit you with her curse, max is now double cursed. if the bad luck curse ends before mole girls's curse hits you try again but press the button to bypass the cutscenes and you will get it.
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