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Physical Copy?

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One question nobody has seemed to ask and perhaps I've overlooked is this, do you receive a physical copy for just shipping after it releases?
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  • BadStrong;307986 said:
    If they didn't treat the pilot as if they were to continue the series, it would lead to unpreparedness and a possible lack of quality. I really hope this does well enough for Telltale to carry out their plans for this series.
    I didn't say that the pilot wouldn't lead into a series. I just dispute the idea that the pilot will be the first episode of a series. I have definitely been wrong before, that's just my take on it.
  • The pilot will not be part of the season. If it has success, Telltale will make a season, but its story won't be related to the pilot.
  • Neelo;308217 said:
    The pilot will not be part of the season. If it has success, Telltale will make a season, but its story won't be related to the pilot.
    I don't see how you got this insider info, since nothing at all has been said about how a season from a pilot would work out.
  • I think I remember reading that somewhere on the forum, or maybe I'm just imagining things.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I just noticed that if you view the background image, you get a note from a letter of the special assistant to the director of the FBI, Linda Annabelle. :) The note says that Nelson Tethers has applied to be assigned to three cases that have been denied.

    It mentions that the puzzle division hasn't been active for years, since Nelson worked in Nashville on a person of interest's impossibly secure safe. The FBI gave him the situation in Minnesota, and mentioned that he's a valuable member of the team and a case might pop up at any time.

    This wording makes me think that if there is a season, the pilot would be the first episode (since it makes it sound like Nelson's next cases would be in the same continuity as the Mystery of Scoggins). :)
  • You can also see the letter if you click on Linda Annabelle's name.

    The weird thing about that letter is that the letterhead uses an address from before the time of ZIP codes ("Washington 25, DC"), but Tethers' address in the JEH building has a proper ZIP code. Strange.
  • If they ever do release a physical copy they should put all the Grickle cartoons in the bonus section of the dvd.
  • I like the idea of, say, 6 pilot games bundle. Then you could vote after, and heck, you'd have 6 games :D
  • It'd be good if they did a series of pilots something akin to Comedy Showcase with the best received ones becoming a full series.
  • Rather Dashing;301941 said:
    I wouldn't call SBCG4AP a bad release, especially since that doesn't really illustrate well how FAR they dropped when they...I don't really know how to describe the Wallace and Gromit disc's creation process, but I'd certainly make sure to make it sound derogatory if I knew a word angry enough to express how horrendous it is.
    Does this help?

    (should start @ 29secs)
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