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Things to do in Maximus's mind - The Tomb of Sammun-Mak "Did You Try?" list!

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Just like the last one, this repeats itself. This Psychic walkthrough is shorter and less complicated;
Spoilers anyway.

For Previous Episode(s), go here: Psychic Powers:
  • Charlie Ho-Tep = Psychic Ventriliquism: Like a comic holding a dummy, you may thrust your voice into any object, or person who is near you.
  • Can O' Nuts = Fail-Proof Hiding Place: Snakes in a Can, or Bunny in a can... Doesn't matter unless you're in need of a quick hiding spot.
  • Astral Projection = Past Vision: Future Vision is handy, but when needed this lets you view things that did, not can happen.
[CENTER]Using the Powers:

Psychic Ventriliquism:[/CENTER]
*The Beginning*
-Use on Sameth
-Use on Kringle
-Use on Anubis Statue (behind Maximus)
-Use on Yogg-Saggoth Statue (default)

*The Tomb*
-Use on Benny
-Use on Neffertiti(???)
-Use on Gramps
-Use on Amelia
-Use on Yogg-Saggoth Statue
-Use on Sameth 7 times
-Use on Guardians while the bust is in the slots, and when it's not

-Use on Sameth in Moles' Room
-Use on Neffertiti(???) in and out of the Moles' Room
-Use on The Mole Trunk
-Use on Benny
-Use on Jurgen while he's talking to Neffertiti
-Use on Jurgen while he's in front of the Sarcofacus
-Use on Sarcofascus while Jurgen's there
-Use on Slushie
-Use on Amelia once while she's sleeping, and once when Slushie is outside, and again when he's inside
-Use on knocked out Kringle
*The End*
-Use on Papierwaite in and out of the summoning circle
-Use on Sameth (Does the same it always does, but it gives you a close up of him without a hat)

  • Can O' Nuts[/CENTER]

    -Use near Mole Woman
    -Use in front of Kringle in Reel 1
    -Use anywhere near Benny
    -Use in Neffertiti's Chamber
    -Use on "The Tongue of the Sphunx"
    -Use in front of Amelia (Before and after you wake her)
    -Use after you jam the "Doorways of Life & Death" with the bust
    -Use before and after placing the milk or cookies on Kringle's tray
  • Little Fun Bits:[/CENTER]

    Images in Maximus's Mind
    *Sameth's Bowler Hat & Mustache*
    -On any person, object, scattered out through the entire game
  • Time to Die[/CENTER]
    *The Train*
    -Before clicking on the "Box", use Can of Nuts
    -Don't shut the child up

    *The Tomb*
    -Don't listen to the Old Mole, and touch the Toy Box
    -When using "Bad Luck Curse", walk through the doors of Life and Death
    -When entering Neffertiti's room, don't move and the snake will do the rest
    -Walk in the Buriel Chamber without permission

    *The End*
    -Take to long to say the "Magic Words"
    -Say the "Magic Words"
Special thanks to Dangerzone to pointing these out for us... Now hopefully that's all that I missed but until then... They Stole Max's Brain!
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  • I just added Trophies section, it looks sloppy and kinda hard to read, but it's there.
  • actually you need the can AND knowledge of hieroglyphics before trying the challenge of the sphunx... as getting through the gate without failing is what that trophy is all about

    and yeah... the dialogue wheel locked up for me as well after i got the secret handshake trophy, (I had to restart the game to escape it) better call the glitch police! >_>
  • Dangerzone;311408 said:
    better call the glitch police! >_>
    there still looking for missingno
  • When you throw the bust of Sammun-Mak through one of the doors under the bad luck curse, the mechanism jams.
  • Oh? I didn't realise that. Of course I didn't need to since that was the last thing I needed to do in that reel. People have mentioned that the stuff I suggested above happened to them though.
  • They do mention you get killed when going back outside, so you have to reload a save though...
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