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Will telltale do other Lucasarts adventure stuff?

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Now since Telltale did Monkey Island, I have been thinking on ideas on what telltale games could do with the other point and click adventure game series that Lucasarts had. Other than wanting to see a few original ideas from telltale first before any other lucasarts material. I did think an episodic day of a tentacle game would be interesting....
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  • Grim Fandango is by far the best game I have ever played. Really. REALLY.

    But it began and ended perfectly. I don't want Telltale OR LucasArts to make a sequel or prequel.
  • I'd rather see episodes of Full Throttle or Loom, esp Loom because Lucas Arts didn't do such a great job with the concept if you ask me...:p
  • I'm pretty sure TT will be doing a new Maniac Mansion. Lucasarts is planning to do Maniac Mansion: Special Edition next.
  • monkeymovies;310731 said:
    Unfortunately, though, since the Adventure game loving president of LA has left now, it's up to the new president (not yet chosen) if Telltale gets to do anymore games based on theirs.

    ...Ron Gilbert is currently available to hire, is he no? :)
  • :O

    ....Um, Ron? If you're not doing anything for a while...
  • Episodic Fullthrottle would make me shed tears of joy.... then I would kick my own ass Polecat style for being such a sissy...

    Ben was a rare gem in the Lucasarts adventure games because you got to be a cool tough guy character instead of a goofy one... at the time it seemed like a really fresh idea.
  • I didn't like Full Throttle at all. The story failed to interest me, the mini-game things were frustrating and took me most of the game, and I can say for sure that I'd have no interest in a sequel if it's similar to the first one.

    We'd probably end up buying it anyway because my husband liked Full Throttle, but I wouldn't be interested in it at all, unless their was an interesting twist on it.
  • MonkeyMania;311218 said:
    I'm pretty sure TT will be doing a new Maniac Mansion. Lucasarts is planning to do Maniac Mansion: Special Edition next.

    Tbh I would absolutely LOVE a Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle episodic format. One of my all time favorite game.
  • BrakMan2005;310976 said:
    Neither have I... I'd like to though.
    You really should try Grim Fandango, it has something very special which I am not able to describe. For years I have been praying for a sequel...come on TTG, step in and transform it into episodic format!!!
  • I've not played Grim Fandango, DoTT, or pretty much any other classic LucasArts games apart from Sam & Max and Monkey Island
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