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I want to play sam and max on a pc laptop that doesnt have the net? help!

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dear telltale & crazed sam and max fans *ahem*,
I am getting a second hand pc (laptop), and want to install some games on it, including telltale, eg Sam & Max adventure episodes, currently on my desktop. I have just downloaded an episode- my problem is that ive realised after buying the game off the telltale site I need to connect to the net every single time i want to install and then activate/play the game, which is slightly annoying. i bet the cd versions will have a cd key in the box instead, which is always a much better idea. With the amount of junk and artwork thrown on my hd, ive been known to reinstall xp more than once a year, and (most important to note) im sure that the activation option on the net for my telltale game wont be there in 10 years time!-will i be able to play any games i download now off the telltale website in many yrs time with the activation no longer available? i doubt it.. :( which in the end renders any game bought off the site a complete waste of money when looking to how long they will last (until the next reinstall of xp?). why cant the download (or receipt email) come with a number or password I have to enter in order to get the game to run?

my question is - if there is something in my registry or install folder i can keep so that my game will still work when installed on another system (my laptop) when it cannot network to my desktop pc or connect to the net?
i cant see an option when installing sam and max to enter a registeration key? I do not want to have to connect my laptop (that as far as I know does not have a modem option), and being a student i do not want a new net service at the moment with no $$$£££ or have to connect to another pc every single time I install and want to play any telltale games-aarghhh lol :( not a major problem, but its very annoying since i reinstall xp alot and- want to still be able to play my games in many a yrs time!!!!! it puts me off purchasing more telltale games- if they are all like this? :( bit of a rant, not trying to sound like a ******, lol, but thanks very much for any info if possible :)

ps, not 100% sure about the download service either, it worked eventually (on my second download of the same file), the first time the sam and max "exe" file icon stayed white after it had downloaded completely, and when i tried to run/install it, the screen would flash and a black dos-style box would come up for an 80th of a second or so... and nothing would happen. the second time it ran fine though. could be a mozilla problem, unsure.
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    If you have bought Season 1, you can get a DVD with the games (You'll have to pay S/H). Those versions will not require online activation.
    If you need more information, you can start by checking the Store and this discussion thread:
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    This is in the FAQ's.
    Do I need an internet connection to play your games?

    An internet connection is needed to download our games, as well as to activate them. This includes activation of the CD versions of our Bone games.

    If you're trying to activate a game on a computer without an internet connection, click on Activation Support at the bottom of the first game screen. This will provide you with your computer's hardware fingerprint code. Send this code to our support team, along with your order number or some other information that will help us identify you (such as your first and last name, or the email address you used to place the order), and we will send back an activation key that allows you to activate the game manually.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Yes, you can just copy the installers to a CD-R, and run them on your new laptop. Then click "activation support" and send in the codes. We'll give you back a serial number. It's a bit cumbersome right now (sorry about that, we're working on making it cooler), but it at least guarantees results.
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