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Question About Bugfixes

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On the Something Awful Forums, I asked Jake about the possibility of bug fixes for Devil's Toybox and other Telltale seasons. He said that he knows little about Telltale's decisions involving bux fixes, except that bug fixes tend to be made when the DVDs are being prepared. He said that there might be rolling bug fixes for Devil's Toybox, but that's not for certain. I asked him if, when buxfixes are made for the DVDs, those bugfixes are also applied to the versions downloadable from Telltale's website. He had no idea. I think this is something we really ought to know, since I've decided not to play or even download Episode 2 until its many bugs get fixed, and it'd be pretty crummy if the bugfixes were exclusive to the DVD.

So, Telltale, my question: When bugfixes are made for Telltale's DVD versions of seasons, are those bugfixes also applied to the versions downloadable from the website?
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  • Not for anything pre-ToMI, no.

    Then again, they really aren't as buggy as ToMI and S&M3, so you should be fine...
  • Telltale Games, when you fix the bugs in Devil's Toybox, please apply the patches to the versions on the site as well. I've already decided never to play or even download Episode 2 until the bugs get fixed. If you make the bugfixes DVD-exclusive, I'll have to wait even longer. Bugfixes are basically the worst idea for a DVD-exclusive ever.
  • I wish that they would be more transparent on the version numbers and any bugfixes made to any of the episodes, also.

    If they ever made an optional Telltale client that would automatically check for any updated versions and provide patch notes when updating one, that would be great too.
  • When I read all the complaints about bugs, I was worried, but then I downloaded the episode and I didn't notice any bugs in my game. You should download the episode, it's great! I can't wait for They Stole Max's Brain!.
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