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Season 2 episode one. (just thoughts)

posted by Flint Paper on - last edited - Viewed by 531 users
I've been thinking lately...what if sam,max and bosco would get trapped in Bosco's store?It would make a cool episode one for season two.Thinking like,the duo take their daily visit at bosco's and suddenly an angry mob (against max of course) leave the two stuck in the market with a paranoid clerk and that music in the background!THE INHUMANITY!!!!WILL THEY RESORT TO EATING EACH OTHER!?OR WORSE -WILL THEY EAT THOSE WEENIES-!?

hmm that would be cool.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I love adventure games that try the one-room thing (6 day assassin for instance), but it might get a little tense. Also the environment-reuse moaners might suffer massive head explosion when they loaded it up and discovered why the filesize of that episode was so low.
  • if I am going to be stuck for one episode in a place, I want to get stuck on Riven island :p
  • Could be fun :) or take it the other way around, someone happens to bosco's store, so they put him in there office. Well you can guess you selfs how long it takes before the new bosco store is open :D in there office.
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    You could have the same room/location in different ways. For instance warping a location from the regular version to a dream version, then several nightmares causes *radical* changes. Of course the puzzles need to be solved on each version.

    I'm not saying that TT should do so for S&M.
  • Uhh please not again Bosco!

    I guess i would be one of those with a massive head explosion then. Please do not make this happen. I already cleaned up here today and i would have to get all these things new: passport, driving licence, explaining to my family and friends that it's still me ...

    I love certain movies which only play in a room or theatre pieces but in such an adventure it does not feel appropriate to me. Also not if there would be slightly varied scenes like a dreamsequence or so.

    The story, characters, the dialogues and the way you interact, all must be really really really good that something like this would not get on your nerves.
  • I think that such an episode would likely become the joke of the industry, since one of the major gribes has been about lack of new and abundant locations.
  • Maybe as a Christmas Special or something, but not an entire episode.
  • Maybe we finally get to go into the toilet and find the exit.
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