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Sam & Max Season 1 - Music problem

posted by Marzhin on - last edited - Viewed by 567 users
Hi Telltale team :)

I finally bought the whole season 1 of Sam & Max but I'm experiencing a strange problem. Music plays fine until something starts moving on screen (usually Max :), but simply opening the menu does it too), then the music turns into an horrible buzzing noise. When nothing is moving anymore, the music resumes to normal. Strangely enough, moving Sam around doesn't cause any problems. It actually happens only on "real gameplay screens" (the opening movie of each episode sounds fine for instance)

Even weirder, I remember playing episode 1 demo a while back and I had no problems with sound...

Apart from that, sound effects and voices work fine.

I saw here on the forums that there have been a few problems with music already which remain unresolved... Should I call the freelance police to rescue my computer ? :p
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  • OK I feel a little stupid but I just noticed under dxdiag that the "Sound acceleration" parameter was set on "no acceleration"... I put it to the maximum setting and it now works perfectly.

    I guess I deserved to have Max letting heavy weights fall on my head :D
  • Sorry we didn't get back to you on this issue, but I'm glad you solved it yourself. :D
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