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A flaw in 302 [spoilers]

posted by doodinthemood on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I got the three blocks in the burial chamber and placed them in the spell cue card thing and stopped the protection spell.
Quite a bit later I asked (I think) the molewoman what three hands meant and she told me it reversed the spell before, but somehow sam had known to put in three hands.

I felt like I'd taken an accidental shortcut somehow. Am guessing there were a few of these, given the difficulty in working in all possible pathways through the 3 reels. Was a bit disappointed with that though.

Anyone else come across any?
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  • Well I for one am glad the "ask the molewoman about the meaning of the 3 hands" puzzle was cut. In theory I like it, as it requires you to know what you're doing and ensures that Sam's foiling the protection spell wasn't a mere incredibly lucky guess.

    However, when I first played 302 I had finished Reel 1 long before I got the blocks in Reel 2 and tried to thwart the tomb's protection spell. So I couldn't have gone back to Reel 1 and asked the Mole Woman what to do, even if I'd wanted to. This is probably why the puzzle was removed, as it would've made for a nasty dead end in that case.
  • tredlow;311801 said:
    That is one of the story-based mysteries that we are not supposed to know about. If I had to guess, I would guess that it was put there by Papier Waite. He escaped The Devil's Toybox, and is trying to bring Yog Soggoth back to this dimension, and a distracted Max is a Max that is safe(er) to mess with. At this point, Max seems to be the only one with the power to control the Toys of Power and The Devil's Toybox.
  • aHartzell;311482 said:

    Good catch. In the original design for this game there WAS a puzzle that required you to learn the "undo code" and arrange the blocks accordingly. It was trimmed out after the first playtest.
    I was disappointed that Sameth just put the blocks in the right way, would have been nice to have to remember what you'd been told earlier in the game. Also there was potential hilarity to be had with other spell combinations.
  • doodinthemood;311922 said:

    Dangeresque, the probability of doing it right would be 1 in 216. 3 blocks. 6 faces. =(1/6)^3
    No i wasn't stating the odds of it happening to this case with the cubes. it was with the satement i made later with the potion thing
  • There were to be honest an unusually high number of glitches, inconsistencies, and things that generally seemed missing in this episode compared to pretty much all the others.

    (Not seen anyone mention it, but what about the news elf on straight & narrow? Was there originally supposed to be another puzzle there?)

    But, I found myself not caring in the slightest because the episode was overall just too awesome to worry about it ;)
  • or sam and max die it dum dummm dummmmmmmmmm ps page 1 last bit
  • How do you ask the molewoman about the three hands? Or is this Nefertiti we're talking about?

    I thought it was just because of what you see on reel 3, but I guess not. The timeline also doesn't work on its own that way, since the tomb is reel 2. Huh. Oh well. Makes sense in my game at least :D. I still figured any combination would work.
  • serializer;313700 said:
    (Not seen anyone mention it, but what about the news elf on straight & narrow? Was there originally supposed to be another puzzle there?)
    For a good while, I was convinced I had to buy (or otherwise acquire) a newspaper so I could use it on the giant snowballs. At least one of the other snowmen was using one as a hat after all, and Sameth's interactions with them left me thinking that I needed to build one to act as a distraction for the elves.
  • Hmmm... I thought I had to somehow destroy or atleast do SOMETHING with the snowmen as well, due to Sameths "unusually large elves" comment, and the Molewomans attempt to hex the leader elf (but possibly targeting a snowman, so I had to point out she was targeting the wrong 'being').

    Sure glad I didn't put too much time in that now :D.
  • I wondered why Sam & Max (ancestors) were "unstickied" from the wall merely by walking far enough to the right.
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