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Stuck/Glitched? [Spoilers]

posted by Ash735 on - last edited - Viewed by 444 users
Ok, been playing for 3 hours now, normally with TellTale games I'd be near the end of the Episode by now, but somethings wrong here, I don't know where to go at all, everything seems shut off. I looked at a walkthrough and apparently I'm suppose to get some blocks in Reel 2 and get the Mole Girl to mention something about a Vampire protection in Reel 3??? But none of those are available, and of course I've gone a different route than the walk through but from what it says, the things I'm doing now should be triggering different reactions???

edit: I should probs give more info on what I've done up to now...

Reel 1 - Learnt the Glyphs, up to the part where I need to come up with a toy idea
Reel 2 - Been cursed by all Moles, Bad Luck Curse on, Bust Cut in Half and Placed into Slots, keep talking to Old Mole and using the doll on the Coffin but nothing is happening
Reel 3 - Been cursed by both Moles, got inside Kringles room and searched, awoke Baby, threw the luggage away on all carriages, tried to get Baby to accept play test by using the doll on her, nothing happens, tried saying Kringle wants to see you to Slushie, nothing happens, which blocks off the puzzle in Reel 1
Reel 4 - Can not do this yet
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  • OK, appears I had the blocks the whole time, must of picked them up at the start? So Reel 2 is completed, as for Reel 3, Jurgen is now waiting at the coffin. Same problem though, here's the exact steps I do:
    - Talk to Slushie
    - Tell him I have someone for the Play Test
    - Knock on Baby's door
    - Asked her to do the Play Test, she said no
    - Used the doll on here which said She'll do the Play Test
    - Walk out the room
    - Slushie says he can't wait around forever and goes back into the room
    - Tried telling Slushie that Kringle wants to see him
    - Slushie says he needs someone to do the play test first

    Stuck in that loop at the moment, which I guess is the nearing the end as I assume I'll find the answer to Reel 1 in that room to (The great Idea the Eleves want and to get the Can O Nuts back).

    edit: I really have no idea now, I've looked at three different walkthroughs and what I'm doing is apparently correct yet nothing is happening, this is terrible, 4 hours on this episode and I don't think I'm anywhere near the end!
  • Yes! I gave the Love Letter and was cursed ages ago, but since then I've changed Reels, only noticed it myself a few moments ago, apparently I wasted that much time, the curse faded away, so I had to quickly go get re-cursed to do it.

    I'll admit, that was a bit of a dick move puzzle.

    EDIT: ANNNNNDDD, Finished, I have to say, preffered The Penal Zone a lot more, but oohh, I did get a glitch, I completed the Reels in this order, 2, 1, 3 and 4, yet I was still awarded the Chrono Logic trophy!
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