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  • My guess is Ubisoft calls the shots on it, but if the release is so close I'm surprised they haven't put up anything since the press release. According to the rumors I've heard the European release is March 31st and North America is still simply Spring 06.

    I have similar thoughts on Bone 2... Official site or something?
  • Bah, stick all Bone stuff in the Bone website. Don't bother with extra websites for weenie games.

    As for CSI, I can't wait to see it released. Not because I want to play it but because I reckon it'll probably sell a little better and because it's with Ubisoft we'll get to see it in shops. Means more people will buy it (most people in the general public don't flit about the internet trying to find games to download. They just go down to the local Electronics Boutique or Dick Smiths Electronics or whatever and buy a new game because of the license, price, and just how shiny the pictures on the back of the box are). Which also means PCPowerplay will finally review a Telltale game.

    Then with more money means more games. Bliss.
  • Weenie games? What makes you think Great Cow race is supposed to be any smaller than any other Telltale game? But yeah new Bone site or not, I'm surprised we haven't seen anything yet.
  • I think he may be referring to these 3rd party puzzle games that popped up on the site last week.
  • I thought he meant that each chapter of the Bone series doesn't need to have it's own individual webpage.

    But now I'm just confused.
  • Hmm. Weenie games. COULD interactive stories be developed around hot dogs?! The folks of Telltale would be fools to pass this idea up.
  • Maybe the weenie games discussion should move to the Leisure Suit Larry thread. :D
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    Bah, I'm getting sick of these arcades... realArcade, Reflexive arcade, Telltale arcade (but the telltale one seems to link to the Reflexive arcade thingie though... they probably get money from them for putting that stuff on their page).

    How many arcades do we need anyway.. they all have pretty much the same overpriced little indie games.
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    Hmm. Weenie games. COULD interactive stories be developed around hot dogs?! The folks of Telltale would be fools to pass this idea up.

    Interactive Stories and Hot Dogs.....intriguing.....
  • See now, I was saying weenie as in small. I apologise if maybe the special form of English me and my little school yard chums use is considerably different to what the rest of the world is using. Mucho apologies...o. Basically I write these things without thinking about what everyone else is going to think (and often not checking for mistakes as we all know). What I meant was that a different website for each of the Bone episodes would be silly. Bung 'em all together on the one I say!
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