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What do you do when you're stumped?

posted by Dave Grossman Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
So, there's a common thing that people who play adventure games do when they start to get stuck, which is to methodically go through and try using everything in their inventory. I'm wondering what else people do when they're out of ideas -- for example, maybe you take your hand off the mouse and think, or you wander around through all the environments but don't click on anything, or you go back and talk to all the people again. (Maybe you immediately go look on the forums for a hint or call your brother-in-law for advice.) What's your approach?
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  • I usually have a friend over while I'm playing and almost all of the time we can figure it out between the two of us. If we're stumped, then we start drinking beer and talking about stuff until we figure it out/don't care anymore. Usually the answer comes eventually.
  • I get some paper, a pencil, and start drawing. A blank, that is. :D

  • Well, these days I tend to go to a walkthrough quicker than I really should... it's terrible but i've gotten lazy. All this easily obtained hints... mmmm.
    I try to find spoiler free ones though.
    I get stuck, I walk about for a bit to see if I missed anything, have a think.. find a walkthrough.
    Back in the days before widely available internet assistance however, I wandered, thought, asked friends and family for suggestions, walked about a bit more, got bored and left the game for the day. Annoyingly the Lucasarts Sam & Max had me horribly stumped at one point. Took me weeks before a cousin finally pointed out "oh, there's a magnifying lens in the background there, see? it's really hard to make out but it's there"
    Bah... I simply hadn't noticed the thing.
    I have such fond fond memories of completing so many adventure games without walkthroughs, something i seldom do these days... either games have gotten harder (doubt it) or i've gotten lazier... i'm going with the later.

    However... My endless undying respect goes to my cousin Quentin who manged to actually finish KQ7 WITHOUT a walkthrough... my god... that game is frustratingly impossible.
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    I heard that asking like a madman every 10 minutes in the forum works :p
  • Stumped...
    Hmm ...
    It only reminds me of a situasion a have when I visit the bathroom , but....
    Well ... Never mind ... :D
  • Step One: Give up and go and start making tea
    Step Two: Have idea, run back and try it
    Step three: Find idea works. Proceed to play game for another 30 minutes
    Step Four: Remember tea and go back to find it has gone cold. Drink it anyway and make more.

    Optional: Replace all instances of 'Tea' with 'Coffee' depending on the time of day.
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