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Ep 6 crashes

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when I enter the Blister of Tranquility, the computer shuts off and reboots. I had a similar problem with ep. 1 at first, when I entered new areas. I solved it by installing the driver recommended in the faqs. Since then I didn't reconfigure anything. Also, the game played nicely up to this point.

Please help
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  • I just read in the faqs that there is a minimum of 512 MB RAM required. I actually have only 256 MB. Nevertheless, up to this point everything went fine. May the problem be solved if I stock up my memory?

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    I dont know, although the Blister area is pretty big and has a lot of stuff on it. But the problem may be another unrelated thing.

    Adding a bit more of RAM is a good idea though, 256MB with XP is a bit low and you'll get a performance boost if you upgrade to 512MB or more (XP will use less frequently your HD for paging operations)
  • Yes, this could be a memory issue. The other thing that comes to mind is a video problem - what type of video card do you have?

    If you do install new memory, the game may deactivate on you. You can either download it again from the Find My Order page, or if you'd rather not redownload, you can click Activation Support in the demo version and follow the instructions to get an activation key from us.
  • Thanks a lot, Emily. I have an nvidia Geforce4 video card and had system crashes at first in episode 1. Thanks to your faqs, I installed the recommended driver and didn't have any problems since. I will install new memory today or tomorrow and see if the issue will be solved. Either way, I'll report here.

  • I'm glad that driver worked for you. Let us know how it goes with the new memory.
  • I just upgraded my computer to 1 GB and it works wonderful. I also didn't have to reactivate or download the game again. Great!

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