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Soul Train Token Appreciation Thread

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I never really thought these got the attention that they deserved in 205, you know...
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  • Right it looks like the Highway is starting a rivalling thread for weasel on a stick. Its a complete mockery of everything that the soul train tokens stand for! As such, I provide a brief explanation of how they work for the unenlightened.

    Step One - You die
    Step Two - You receive your Soul Train Token
    Step Three - You must find and give your Soul Train Token to Death
    Step Four - You board the Soul Train
    Step Five - Ride the Soul Train to your final destination

    Soul Train Tokens were first invented in 1864 by Satan as a handy way of ensuring that nobody could ride to their final destination without being dead. The Soul Train was subsequently invented in 1865 when they realised that they didn't have a way to get the people there.

    The role of Death was created and given to Bessie the Cow in 1873 as a quick way of getting the soul train tokens to their desired location and avoiding having ghosts roaming the streets. Since then, there have been a total of 585 Deaths all of whom quit the role for its poor health benefits and long working hours.

    The Soul Train Tokens were specially designed by the Shambling Corporate Presence who is well known as a contributing artist to the modern world. SCP then manufactured a total of 144.5 billion tokens which are still being used all around the world today. The first ever person to use one of these tokens was H.D.Maximmilian, Max's great great great great grandfather who impaled himself on the Washington Monument after solving a case.

    ^Taken from 'An Official Guide to the Soul Train Token System' written by SCP in 1954. From Chapter Twenty-Two: The Usage and Legacy of the Token
  • hey, people can like weasels on sticks or they can like stupid soul train tokens. it doesnt matter to me. but soul train tokens suck
  • It feels like this place becomes flooded with appreciation threads. So when comes the appreciation threads appreciation thread? :D
  • HEY NOW. The soul train tokens dont suck...unless by suck you mean are awesome.
  • They suck... YOUR SOUL!
  • Avistew;315913 said:
    They suck... YOUR SOUL!
    ...right in the Penal Zone
  • This is why I love you guys.
  • Let's campaign for their return in the next episode of the series!
  • Typical first thought from a member of the Over 30 crowd...


    Guilty as charged :o
  • Fishstick_Kitty;322282 said:
    Typical first thought from a member of the Over 30 crowd...


    Guilty as charged :o
    I think that's what Tellatle was going for. You're off the hook, but you're still serving 100 hours of community service.
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