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Who do you think will be the series main villain? (Speculation Spoilers)

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  • splash1;315721 said:
    He used teleportation to get out, Gordan was alive back then. And Gordan was only asleep, but very close to death.
    He was mostly dead if you will. See, there's a big difference between mostly dead, and all dead. Now, mostly dead: he's slightly alive. All dead: well, with all dead, there's usually only one thing that you can do: Go through his clothes and look for loose change.

    Anyways, I think Yog-Soggoth will be looming large over Episode 5, but I think he's going to be the imminent threat rather than the actual villain.
  • I say Yog-Soggoth, but there's still something about Superball I still don't trust
  • max remember in 301 that protease he distress the universe
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The Highway;315439 said:
    I can't believe you didn't put Skunkape in there.
    I've added him for you.
  • Jake;316158 said:
    I've added him for you.
    Being helpful, or... a subtle hint? Dun dun DUNNN!
  • I guess that rules out Skunk'ape if they're willing to add him...


    Oh by the way, it's spelt Skunk'ape isn't it?
  • Remember guys while Skun'ka-pe is in the New Penal Zone, the thing is powered up by the Devil's Toybox, which is needed for summon Yog Soggoth. In other words, my money goes he will be released eventually, just because someone will need the Toy Box for the summon and will, well, unplug the Box.

    Yes, my money goes about Skun'ka-pe will back, while I still think Papierwaite is awesome.
  • I thought they only needed the generator to suck him in? If that thing needs constant power, then yes I suppose we'll see Skun-ka'pe again soon. If find it hard to believe that whoever took Max's brain left the Toybox. There aren't a whole lot of people with The Gift, but there's only one Devil's Toybox.
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