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iPad questions

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Just a couple of questions on the iPad transfer that I'm probably just being lazy about looking up (or the answers are really obvious), but that I couldn't find.

1. Probably a stupid question, but I thought I would ask anyways: If I bought the game on Steam, would it be possible to transfer it to an iPad?

2. How is the iPad version compared to the PC one?
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  • I own it on the iPad as well, the iPad version hasn't had an update for it yet.

    The graphics are distinctively worse than the PC, but it is still impressive compared to other games I've seen so far on the iPad. I could try to get some screenshots up later maybe.

    The controls and hotspots were a tad different than the PC version and I did notice a couple differences in terms of dialog and item usage than the PC, but nothing game breaking.

    I think the game was a tad rushed, in terms of QA, for the first release. A lot of stuttering between screens on the audio and a few crashes and a few places where the hot spot helper doesn't direct you to some important hot spots. I am hoping they release a patch. I am also hoping since they did not release this episode early or at the same time on the iPad they are taking more time to work out the quirks unique to the iPad platform and we will see a great improvement.

    All in all it felt very beta, but it was playable, funny, and looked decent. I reserve any judgement about my expectations of the performance quality of future iPad versions of the series. However, I'll spend another seven bucks on the next one because Sam and Max is plain awesome and the iPad gives me the ability to be able to show them off to the uninformed masses.

    Oh..and I was able to play the whole game with one battery life time period with more than enough battery to spare, YMMV.
  • As promised:


    PC Graphics level 1

    PC Graphics level 9

    Direct Comparison (pc-1,pc-9,iPad)

    This is the closest to the same resolution I could get. The iPad screen capture utility seems to rescale and flip to portrait even in landscape mode... I had to flip it back again to landscape which seemed to make the resolution less than what it appears on the ipad screen.

    My PC's video card is an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and I'm not sure, but I think that may affect even the quality seen at level 1 on the pc...which in my opinion outshines the iPad screenshot hand's down still... just look at them bars.
  • Wow, it's kind of surprising how downgraded the graphics are on the iPad version. I don't think your video card's settings would affect the 1, though. It just looks that much better on the PC. (Though the graphics do seem to look virtually the same until the real-time shadows at 7 in my experience).
  • I'm somewhat amused by the fact that Max loses his belly button. I'll second the impression that the graphical decline is fairly subtle with the different settings on the PC.
  • Apparently Max's belly-button just takes up too many resources for the iPad to handle.
  • Though if it were Max, he would say, "No. My Belly Button takes up too many resources for anyone's Brrraaain to hannnndleeeeee!" (wiggles fingers)
    (momentary pause, then points finger upward) "Especially when held up close!"
  • Just thought I'd add my experience, just blasted through ep 1 on the iPad and it ran perfectly(ish) only problem was some weird noises on the loading screen but greatly looking forward to an episode 2 port
  • I bought it for iPad, even though i dont have one :D

    I played on one for the first time today at the shops, so awesome! Im saving to buy a 64gb wifi so i can play sam and max in a new way!
  • I'm thinking about buying an iPad (or perhaps an iPod touch), so I tried a quick research for graphic adventures on both platforms.

    With the keyword "adventure" Sam&Max can't be found in the AppStore Search Engine:
    This is an outrage! Please do something about it! ;)
  • I had a *blast* playing it on my iPad - yeah, it was a bit jerky in places and sometimes the audio let loose some ear-splitting artifacts (ow), but, on the whole, it was fun and fantastic. Can't wait for the next episode (and other games as well!)

    Rebooting the iPad *did* help immensely, incidentally.
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