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Did anyone notice in the first trailer that...

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In the first trailer for TDP i noticed right after Max said Thats none of your damn business, computer, you see a 1-2 second shot of M. Papierwaite in Momma Bosco's lab.

I guess he might make a return a future episode or just the trailer lying. What do you guys think it means?

Edit: Yes I did complete Ep 2
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  • Yeah, I think its highly likely that Paperwaite will reappear.

    But how? He looks a lot more weary and less evil in the trailer.
  • I suspect we'll meet him or a descendant of his at the museum. Remember that it'll have an exhibit about Sammun-Mak that we have yet to see. It would make a lot of sense.
  • Or, more likely, we open the toybox in which he has been tortured for, oh, a hundred years or so?
  • Actually if you look carefully you see him try to jump out of the way before the big flash. He may not have been locked inside it at all.
  • Heh, I started the same thread not long ago ;)

    I'm guessing he gets out of the toybox, maybe through Momma Bosco's device? It was supposed to bring back the dead from the "other realm". Maybe it can actually bring people from different realms (like the realm of the toybox)? Ofc. that's all speculation but I kind of find it probable.

    Momma Bosco: Look! I've finally completed my device! Time to get back to the living. *starts the device* *flash* Oh, and who might you be? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Opening credits start rolling*
  • If I've learned anything from the watching shows where cults summon evil monsters, that the object that they summon them from is actually a portal that leads to wherever the creature is located.

    It's possible Papierwaite is in Yog-Soggoth's place of exile and is simply trapped, but he can get out unlike his master.

    Another thing I noticed (and I mentioned this earlier), is that when you click on Mama Bosco's Dementional Destabilizer, she'll say: "Tear down the fabric of reality and bring back the Elder Gods back to this dementional plain". That might explain what he's doing there, and I might be completely wrong. We'll have to wait 2 more weeks to find out.
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