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The German version will feature Sandra Schwittau

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I know that some German speaking people are on these boards, so I guess this is good news for us: Sandra Schwittau, the German voice-actress who has already lend Max her voice in the German version of "Hit the Road" (and is besides that famous for voicing Bart on "The Simpsons"), has been hired for the German localization of Season 1, hitting German retail in August.

Now, all they have to do is get Hans-Gerd Kilbinger to return as Sam, and everything will be fine. Since the European release by JoWood is planned as being Multi-language, we will get the original English version as well, something that - since the dawn of DVD - should IMO be a matter of course, although it sadly isn't. So, obviously I'll have no other choice than getting the German retail version, and pass on the S1-DVD for season-subscribers... even if the bonus-material DOES tempt me a lot...
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  • Laserschwert;31602 said:
    I've uploaded a few minutes of gameplay HERE.
    I now realize that I've never played the german version of Sam & Max (I imported my copy)... and I think it's awful compared to the original. :eek:
  • I don't speak German, but that German Sam sounds dead on like the English Sam in HTR. Max isn't as close, but he's still fine.
  • For Max Sandra basically uses her Bart voice... it's exactly how she sounds on "The Simpsons".

    It's sad that back then mostly the main voices were cast with really good and well known voice actors, whereas the minor roles are sometimes really bad (like the cat on the street or the gangster at Bosco's). But I guess with CoMI it all changed, since there every single character was voiced perfectly, as it continued with Grim.
  • PErsonally, I do not like dubbed games in general. Mainly because the dialogue gets completely changed and altered by the translator. This happens a lot in anime with a lot of japanese culture in it. For instance, if the setting takes place in some japanese holiday and the main character makes a reference about some asian actor, food, music, or whatever; it will be changed to some hollywood celeberty, american food and music.

    What irks me the most is how they insert extra lines in dubs that hurt the atmosphere of the show and film. Usually, these extra lines are commical. Happens on a lot of dubbed animes shown on kidswb. I also seen it happen on a non english dubbed version of the old Transformers movie. It ust ruined the dramatic scenes where Optimus Prime goes balastic and starts shooting everything
  • The worst thing is untranslatable jokes. Usually they will make up some new "jokes" which usually are not half as funny as the original ones, or use some old joke which everybody has heard a billion times before. I have seen this quit regular when it comes to wordplays(puns) and when the joke refers to internal structures in the country it was made. At least with subs, you can learn the language, and still you hear what the original joke was. But if it is dubbed, you have no way of knowing when they make up new jokes or change the way a person says something to make it work in the language the product was translated to.
  • I knew anime would come up eventually. It's inevitable. The "dub vs sub" argument. :p

    I say it's the responsibility of the localization team to make both versions available. In this day and age of DVD's, it's not unreasonable to expect a dual-language release, with one version having an unaltered audio track and subtitles intending to be as true to the source as possible, and a dubbed version in the local language, attempting to best convey the "feel" of the original to a new audience. I think both are important, because subtitles can't always convey the intended experience, and a dub can't always carry the original meaning. Including both allows the player to make that choice, and to enjoy both versions.

    Anybody have any other localizations of Hit the Road? I'm curious how they sound in every language. I still think somebody should make a montage of the same line in every language. :D
  • There's a file floating around the peer-to-peer networks that contains a five-way talkie version of Hit the Road as well as a scanned Surfin' the Highway. Not that any of us would ever use a p2p program, of course... ;)
  • Oh nooooo, we would never do that. ;)
  • I dare to bring this up again. Now, with the "Simpsons"-movie finally in theatres, there's a lot of promo going on about it, including interviews with the German voice cast. And this of course includes Bart's German voice Sandra Schwittau, who has voiced our beloved Lagomorph in the German version of "Hit the Road" and will do so in Season 1 of "Freelance police" as well.

    HERE you can watch a special about the "Simpsons"-dub.

    Sandra can first be seen at 2:15 and throughout the clip.

    By the way, Norbert Gastell (seen first at 1:07), who's Homer's voice, also lends his voice to Phoney Bone in the German version of the two Telltale-"Bones".
  • Don't get me started on German publishers. Why oh why did it have to be a German company who would release Simon the Sorcerer 4. Not only it's already out in Germany [all in german of course, complete with voice acting], but they are really taking their time with the english version.

    I know this is a bit off the subject, but I just had to squeeze this in, since there's a german person reading this ;) Don't get me wrong. It's great that we have a new Simon game. I'm sure it's extremely well written, neatly organised and perfectly coded :)
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