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Greatest moments of season 1

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The best moment in season one.What's your choice?

(yes I meant both in game moments and news announcements)
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    Having a Season and when Emily said that Season 2 was in the works.

    In game moments... too tough, there were too many great moments.
  • The war song! I have never laughed harder!
  • I think it's when I saw Bosco being physically an Half-elf, and also when Sam & Max asked him "Do you have any... self respect ?"

    (I don't put any spoiler tag because it's the meaning of this topic ^^)
  • Nothing beats "Tally ho, fools!"
  • For me its in episode 3 when Sam says "No, we haven't realized that yet." Especially for the look on Max' face immediately afterwards. Comedy gold.
  • In Episode 3

    "There are two tasks you must accomplish..."
    "Boss, the meatball sandwich has been stolen!"
    "There are three tasks you must accomplish..."
  • Real life events:

    Getting episode... was it 3 or 4... a week early. And then the ones after that. Telltale has to be the best game company ever, and not just because they let us have games early. :)

    In-game events:

    "Half-elf, foo'!"

    "Just read the subtitles."

    (Blaring alarms) (Whirrr) (Ssssshhhhh-OOP) (Whirrr) (FOP!) "I'll get it!" "If he's reading the comics, that means he's Illuminati..."

    "Can you look into those tiny black slits he uses for eyes and crush the life-long dream of a child-like rabbity thing?"

    "Why didn't we ask earlier?!"

    "It's the distant, peaceful world of Krypton." "They mock us with their utopian society of crystal cities and absentee parents. They must be exterminated!"

    "N-O-M-A-F-I-A, oh baby..."

    "The question is: can I fly to the moon?" "No, Hugh Bliss, you cannot." "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I can. You lose!"

    "Let's debone the smarmy little skeeze and see if the phone's in there!"

    "Do y-" "Nyet!"

    "I think we just stumbled into the warehouse where Steve Wozniak makes erotic movies."

    "It's a blue slime. Clearly hostile." (And Max's subsequent response, which I can't for the life of me remember...)

    "Attention Bosco shoppers: clean-up on isle everything!"

    "For bombs..." "BOOM!" "...and guns..." "BANG!" "...and so much more..." "NAPALM!"

    "Do you have any... self respect?"

    "False advertising! I've drunk a gallon of the red potion, and I still don't have giant strength!"

    "I obey." Pop (Cue Max's death soliloquy.)

    "My foot's bigger!"

    "I feel... I feel... I feel pretty, and witty and gay!" "Turn him back!"

    "Look, all I know is I keep makin' up the most ridiculous prices I can think of, and you two keep payin' 'em! So I ask you, who's the foo'?"

    "Do you have what it takes to survive..."

    Not a complete list, mind you; just the ones that immediately spring to mind. All are recited from memory, so please forgive any mistakes.
  • Episode 5:
    "Last time I checked, this was a free country"
    "I'm working on that one!"
  • I'm still trying to figure out what the best moment was, it's a pretty tough call.
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