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Hi Telltale Games

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I just stopped by to tell you: I love you! Yes, Telltale Games, I love you, and I want to marry you and carry your children! Or, well, I want to buy all of your wonderfully clever and funny games, anyway. :)

The classic adventure game genre was barely alive, and I was playing my old LucasArts games over and over for lack of decent new games, when finally, LucasArts announced that they were producing a new Sam & Max-game, which I and many other Adventure Game fans awaited eagerly, until it was cancelled at the last moment. And that was when we all thought adventure gaming was dead and gone forever.

But. Then came you, amazing Telltale Games, and picked up the pieces of the shattered adventure genre and gave us one fantastic game after another - even a brand spanking new Monkey Island game, which is every bit as excellent as the first three from LucasArts!

So thank you, Telltale Games, you are the best game company in the whole world!
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