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Did Curse destroy Monkey Island?

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Clearly there are a few people here that view Curse as the actual down point of the series, really laying into it, saying that the series would be better off dead than to have the Curse/Escape/Tales stories. Now, strong views, could be because of how they perceive the story or it could be something to do with the lack of Ron Gilbert being the main series runner once MI2 ended, but here's a coin flip thread, for anything that was done/explained in Curse, I'm going to take a look at why it was BAD and why it was GOOD. So let's get started:

THE BIG ONE: It was all a Dream/Curse??
BAD: In Monkey Island 1 and 2 we have many modern day references, as Monkey Island 2 progresses further into weirdness at the end we learn that LeChuck and Guybrush are brothers and are really kids at some amusement park, we're lead to believe that the series was actually in the head of a child with an over active imagination, as the credits roll we see Chuckie's eyes glow and somewhat resemble LeChuck facial features, but hey, this is just a cheeky nod to the gamer right? If we believe this route, then there would never be a Monkey Island 3, the idea is out, why would gamers want to play a game storyline they know is just the imagination of some kid, any threatening things in such story wouldn't matter anymore (which is odd seeing as Guybrush can Die in both Monkey Island 1 and 2). There were loads of book titles in the library that mention why Trilogies suck, etc so even though the idea was mentioned afterwards, Monkey Island 2 WAS meant to be the final story, the shock ending was meant to show the gamer that this amazing world they've been in for so long was actually just the dreams of a little boy.

GOOD: But wait, Chuckie's face turns into LeChuck as Guybrush and his parents walk away from him, and let's talk about Big Whoop, in the story, we already know that Four Crewmen and even LeChuck himself have seen Big Whoop and how terrible it is, yet here, in this odd tunnel, the crate is smashed, there is nothing in this crate except for a single E-Ticket, somethings not right here. Then we start seeing things from Melee Island and even the street from Melee Island itself, this is all getting weirder by the minute. Then comes the moment when Guybrush finally rips apart LeChuck, but wait, he's our Brother, our Kid Brother? And this Janitor appears telling us to get out? Then we get our weird ending, with the sinister glance from LeChuck to the player letting us know something is not right. And of course during the end credits we flash back to the Monkey Island universe where Elaine is waiting for Guybrush and comments that she hopes LeChucks hasn't put some kind of Curse on him and this is what Curse and essentially the rest of the series has built upon, has the rest of a series continued on from a throw away joke at the end of MI2, or was Guybrush really cursed and everything from waking up in the tunnels fake?

-- Coming Soon, LeChuck is a Cartoon Villain? The Four Map Pieces Explanation? An Amusement Park?? Continuity Problems? --
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  • Ash735;318009 said:
    That's my idea that I outlined Months ago, the Three Teams thing, with LeChuck gone, there are now many more Pirates rising to be the "new" LeChuck, so lots of attacks, Sword Fights, etc, with the game pretty much falling into three groups, a Group of Pirates lead by Guybrush, a Group of Pirates lead by Largo LaGrande fixated on the fact that they want to get to Monkey Island and Revive LeChuck somehow, and the last group lead by the new main villain, who's that demented, he wants to pass through the gates of Big Whoop on Monkey Island to seal his fate as LeChucks replacement.
    You said that on the forum? I surely must have missed that message, sorry.
  • Why does LeChuck need an upgrade in every single game?
  • That way, you need to defeat him making something different each time. As seen in MI2, root beer may work to defeat a ghost pirate, but not to defeat a zombie pirate, and so on...
  • Hi, this is my first post. I'm replying to the original topic and conversation.

    I played SoMI and LR as a child, and they were among my favorite games of all time, especially the latter. Something just struck, it was the perfect combination of a serious world/plot, and goofy characters that just made it unlike anything I've seen before or since.

    Of course, the difference between the first two games and Curse is that Curse ramped the silliness up to eleven. Which is not to say that I disliked Curse, it's a fine game in its own way, but I can see how someone could consider it too far a departure from the previous games. However, to me it seems that it was not Curse itself that made the last few scenes (the carnival and the loooooong exposition between Guybrush and LeChuck) quite frankly suck, but rather that the team was left with the burden of trying to explain the trainwreck of a plot that was LR (to reiterate so I don't sound hateful; LR is my favorite in the series; the longlasting plot threads were weird though)

    One thing that always irked me about Curse, Escape, and even Tales is the mischaracterization, especially of Elaine. In the first two games, she's a governor who is inexplicably attracted to our goofy protagonist. Never once in either game did I ever envision their relationship getting to the point it did in Curse. It just felt so... cheap. Like they needed to tack on a generic happy ending to cover up the failure of the Carnival chapters. To their credit, both Escape and Tales handle the marriage in a good, unique way. Escape has her retain the authoritarian aspect from the first two games, without being annoyingly so, and Tales takes cues from the ending of Escape and makes her into a believable and enjoyable pirate bride for Guybrush. The transition feels natural, but only taking into account her character from Curse. Basically where Curse fails most for me is completely missing the point of the character of Elaine and turning her into exactly the opposite character she was in the prior games.

    Also, LeChuck becomes a significant amount goofier. I still remember my heart jumping into my throat when the toll booth lady in LR in the LeChuck costume popped on screen. He was a significant threat, a sadistic creep whose only scenes only served to exemplify his badassery. Tales also does a good job of this, especially in the last two chapters. But something about him in Curse, I dunno, it just seems like they put him in because the game needed a big showdown. He didn't really do anything.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents.
  • arcanedude34;318420 said:
    Hi, this is my first post. I'm replying to the original topic and conversation.

    I played SoMI and LR as a child, and they were among my favorite games of all time, especially the latter. Something just struck, it was the perfect combination of a serious world/plot
    Here's where you lost me.
  • Serious meaning... well, a kidnapped damsel held hostage by a ghost in any other circumstances would strike me as a darker plot. It's really only the characters of the first two games that add the camp.
  • MonkeyMania;315883 said:
    Well there's nothing you can do about it. It was what it was. Let's move the franchise forward.
    Hayden;315992 said:

    I liked the old series, I like the new series. Let's forget all the bull and just enjoy the Monkey Island of today.

    I suspect that had CMI not been made, Ron himself would never have gotten around to making any more MI games. Ever. This means that we wouldn't have CMI (which I love,) we wouldn't have Tales, and we also wouldn't have Dominic Armato or Earl Boen's voices for their characters.
  • Chyron8472;315790 said:
    The real MI3? The end to MI2 was stupid and, aside from what CMI explained, neither Ron nor anyone else ever explained it more than to say it was a joke. Besides, CMI is the real MI3.
    Agreeing 100%. I love MI saga, but the first time I played the LCR end I was really pissed. I was expecting a more 'epic' ending, meaningful and revelating. The story is a full crecendo full of incredible details. It's a perfect story. So the end, on the first moment, was a big dissapointment to me.

    Maybe they could have kept the secret of MI hidden and all the Big Whoop affair too, but providing a better end (and still open if they wanted). The first time I played it I had the perception that this game was ended quickly with no clue on what was gonna be the end. Doubting between revealing all the stuff or keeping some info for future releases.

    I'm pretty sure that a part of this end was Lucas Arts's fault. I can see Gilbert and Co. wanting to end the full story in 2 games and the company saying: 'NONONONONONONONO, this need to last almost one more game' .

    You know, creativity vs business/money.
  • I don't think CMI destroyed Monkey Island. Then again, I loved the game because of the smart use of artwork in scene-setting and story-telling anyway.

    I don't think you should try to construct MI into some disastrously over-analysed series like Star Wars. Monkey Island games were/are great fun, with good jokes and good stories.

    If we stop taking things so seriously, I don't think people would be that bothered about EfMI's failings etc. It's just another in a line of Monkey Island games. We don't need everything to make sense in Monkey Island - that's part of its charm!
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