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Chuck Jordan's left Telltale

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Or is about to. Either way, read about it here. If you don't know who Chuck is, I gave a quick summary of his adventure game career on Mixnmojo.

My reaction: :eek: + :( + sincere hopes for success.

Good luck, Mr. J. Umm, good luck Chuck. Blah. I'll stop.

Seriously, good luck Chuck Jordan.
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  • Consider the Telltale Pilot program for whatever you come up with, Chuck. :p
  • What?! No, not Chuck! He's my third favorite Telltale employee who hasn't quit yet! Don't do it chuck, you have so much to work for, you bring Telltale Episodes to bigger and better light!
  • Damn....
    We'll miss your great work... you designed the best TT episodes!
    It will be too-difficult-almost-impossible to replace you. :(
  • I'm not actually all that worried. Telltale is filled with other brilliant and very capable writers and designers. If Chuck is successful in starting up another company, then great! It only means more great games.

    We'll still experience Chuck's great writing and designing, it will just be coming from a different company.
  • In his blog post he seems bothered by the hurry of Telltale development schedule.
    It's something that affected TT for too long now..... I even remember some user thread about the rush developing games that make them full of bugs (quality control is surely improved from Wallace&Gromit:The BUGey Man, but The Tomb of Sammunmak is far from perfect either).
    I hope that's not the reason for why he left, because it's a pity that an artist like him leaves a company full of talented people just for time pressures.
  • He did a great job with the Penal Zone, I hope he does well in his future jobs.
  • Seems like just yesterday we were hounding him with Penal Zone questions on the preorder forum (dang, that sounded wrong). :(

    Well, I wish him good luck on whatever he ends up working on next.
  • Hmm, I guess two paragraphs of "this is not an announcement" weren't enough? I'm gonna have to get a private journal or day planner or something. :)

    Thanks for the good wishes and the boss painting of a corvette that I didn't design. I think Hayden has the right idea -- this isn't that big a deal. Telltale is packed with people who are really really good at what they do, but don't talk about it as much on the internet as much as I do. The best parts of an episode always come in during the time between script and release. And the best people in the company are on the game now.

    Plus I'd be an idiot not to keep working with Telltale in some form or another. This place makes great stuff and it keeps getting better. Everybody remain calm and go about your business.
  • Oh yeah, and since I don't have an account on the Mojo:
    I know it wasn't meant as an insult, but the "it's all grunt work now" comment was so off-base that it went past insulting to comical. You couldn't say a movie was done when the screenplay was finished, and you take that x 1000 for a videogame. I can guarantee you that if you went around the TTG forums and asked people what their favorite moments of the games are, at least 90% of them happened after the script was "finished."

    Don't want to come across as scolding, just a reminder: the internet always makes it sound like one person is entirely responsible for a game, but once you see an actual game in production, you realize how completely false that is. (Except I guess for "World of Goo" or the Blendo games).
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