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Who do you think will be the series main villain? (Speculation Spoilers)

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  • I hope that it won't be someone from the old series, beside of Brady Culture himself. It often makes things less believable, i know this sounds quite weird in this respect, if the worlds keep too small and only a few presons are responsible for everything over and over again.
  • Well, in the Big reward when max claims to see yog sogoth in the devils toybox he says something like tentacles and red eyes and the picture of episode five has tenticles :eek: sorry for spoilers how do you do thespoiler cover up thing?
  • I say it's the commissioner. Well, maybe. If they're ending the series it should be him. It'd be kind of fitting for the crime fighting duo to see their boss for the first(?) time. And, if it isn't the end, I think it should be Superball.:D
  • I think Max is gonna be the big bad this season. Don't have a lot of evidence for it, just think how cool it would be?
  • evidence max big bad you mist it:confused:
  • Gordon don't sit right with me, mostly because he doesn't have a backside.
  • Gordon probble wats to help Yog-Soggoth but Skun-ka'pe just wants power
  • Help him. That sounds like a Free Willy situation with a terrifying apocalyptic god from another dimension. :0
  • taumel;318055 said:
    Does there has to be a main villain at all?
    Well, if there wasn't a main villain, there wouldn't be an end boss, and what kind of game doesn't have an end boss? I'll tell you what kind: A crappy game
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