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Chuck Jordan's left Telltale

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Or is about to. Either way, read about it here. If you don't know who Chuck is, I gave a quick summary of his adventure game career on Mixnmojo.

My reaction: :eek: + :( + sincere hopes for success.

Good luck, Mr. J. Umm, good luck Chuck. Blah. I'll stop.

Seriously, good luck Chuck Jordan.
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  • So long, Cajun Zombie!
  • Hero1;319336 said:
    You guys derailing this thread are absolute idiots..but anyway back on topic..
    And? I like being an idiot. Was that supposed to be an insult?
  • Wish you the best of luck Chuck! Don't forget to drop by these boards from time to time!
  • I guess Jake was right when they said they had a high staff turnover at the moment.
  • Hero1;319336 said:
    Clearly the episodic model and multiple releases in a year must put a lot of pressure on people working there. A publisher will normally only let a studio do 2 games in a franchise in a row because of that burnout factor.. The videogame industry sure is a strange place to work.
    Every studio has its own stress factor because videogames are inherently a ton of work to make. The episodic model does bring its own challenges to the mix, but it's a long, long way from being the most hours I've put in on a game, or the most stress I've had at a game company. And there's a reason the episodes have different writers/designers/directors on them, just like American TV series do: to strike a balance between the best game possible and making sure the work is evenly spread out.

    Please don't read too much into what was a personal decision.

    I appreciate the good wishes, but I'm regretting its turning into an announcement now, because as I said: it's ultimately not that big a deal. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that Telltale is a cool company and working there has been one of the best things I've done, and it's been great to get to work on Sam & Max.
  • I think people are taking the opportunity, in return, to compliment you. Think of it as a little "Cya later" moment. That was sort of my point, anyways.

    I'd have done the same to Brendan Ferguson had I not been in the middle of exam week at the time.
  • Fair enough. Best of luck then!
  • Hero1;319336 said:
    I don't think people realize what a great job you do..they are too busy complaining about control schemes, and release times and other such nonsense.
    Hey! That's not incompatible.
  • Well. Good developers moving around and pursuing opportunities is just life. I mean, it's amazing what happens to them as they move around. I've seen a lot of stuff happen that way. It's a brave and exciting new venture. I've seen it with various developers, and often they come back, with the magic, with something brand new. This is also one of the *best case* scenarios, when a developer moves on, yet still leaves behind a talented team. Just means that we have more chances to see this kind of work come from more companies. Good adventures, like these, are in a very unsaturated market, right now. Telltale is good, and faster than anybody, at releasing titles, but even they can't pump out the titles as fast as we take of them. We spend much of the year waiting, as we did the rest. I know I have. And I pretty much own the entire Telltale collection released to date. I don't mind adding yet another company's works to what I already get from the likes of Telltale and Double Fine.
  • NOOOOO !

    I always love the penal zone and all chuck episodes,so it's sad to see you leaving ..

    Good bye chuck and good luck ..
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