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Just bought Episode I but I'm just getting a crash!!!

posted by tapalai on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
when trying to start the game after a logo-splash screen appears, the game just crashes the computer very badly.
I get a blue screen with some errors that lasts for half a second and then the computer reboots. i am really dissatisfied with this because i just spend some money on the game!
i've read carefully through the requirements, and the computer should be able to run the game, it's a p4 2000mhz, 1024mb ram, nvidia geforce 440 go 64m chip and enough disk-space. damn, i should have tried the demo.
is there anything i can do to get the game running?
and if not, how can i get my money back?
thanks for help or ideas!!! we wanted to play this game this evening and are really unhappy now!!
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  • Like I said MX cards are a real pain in the ass. It seems others in your same situation are also having problems with onboard audio drivers as well. Is your laptop a Dell by any chance? Dells are a big pain in the ass too.
  • i have found and tried out this winDBG but it says a lot of errors like

    'Your debugger is not using the correct symbols'
    'Kernel symbols are WRONG.'
    'ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nv4_disp.dll'
    'Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized.'
    'Symbol search path is: *** Invalid ***'

    which i cannot understand right now. i don't know what symbols the program is talking about. however, i understand that it has to do most likely with the somehow outdated geforce 440 go chip.

    @AdamG: i've sent the file to you! i'll try the driver from the other thread, but i'm quite sure that i've read some time ago, that only the manufacturers driver will work on this laptop. it's not a dell, but a 'medion' which is a cheap european label i think.

    thanks for your help!
  • Arg... The dump file is encrypted. Why on earth would a dump file be encrypted? :( I don't know what can unencrypt it, someone here should though.
  • thanks anyway :) i'll be going to bed soon because it's close to midnight here already. i'll continue the search for a solution tomorrow ;)

    i don't know what could have encrypted the file, i just copied it from the given directory. maybe this windbg unencrypts the file (if you have the correct 'symbols')?
  • one last thing for today: i'm really happy for all your fast feedback and ideas! thanks!
  • No problem, tapalai. Hopefully the info in that thread can help you. If not, we'll try to figure out what's the problem. Unfortunately it could always be the case that you won't get it to work, which it should because your hardware is capable of doing it. If we can't get it to work though, I'm sure they will give you a refund.
  • i have a Dell laptop and what a pain it is to play games on it. ..
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    RE WinDBG and symbols: All depends on which specific version of Windows do you have (ie: XP Original/SP1/SP2).

    The symbols must be downloaded from MS' site and setup on WinDBG (File->Symbol File Path).
    If you have all that ok, just open the crash dump (File->Open Crash Dump) and enter
    "!analyze -v" (no quotes)

    That should tell enough info on what went wrong.

    Note: Do not install the symbols under your Windows directory (ie: C:\WINDOWS\Symbols)
  • ok... back online again.
    good morning :)

    i have just downloaded the 'symbols' (200 mb !!!!) for windbg, and with these 'symbols' the program could finally analyze the little few kb dump file. the error was caused by nv4mini.sys or something like that, so it's defenitely the graphics adapter.

    i have downloaded the omega driver and it unexpectedly worked (after damn many times of rebooting and tweaking and trying) fine with the computer.

    with this driver the game starts (somehow...) without crashing the computer. but it only starts a window that is displaying only white and after a while music starts and finally i can hear sam and max talk. great! but too white to see anything.

    after all these hours i've lost hope somehow and i think i'm going to spent the last energy on trying to get the money back ;) maybe the game will just not run on this machine. thanks anyway to all!
  • Definitely get a new card. I used to use a GeForce MX440, and its more trouble than it's worth. No shaders, slow, non-overclockable... (dunno if it's standard design for the MX440, but the fan on mine was actually tied on with a piece of plastic :S)

    If you want a cheap upgrade with plenty of bells and whistles, get yourself a Radeon X1300. It's incredibly cheap, surprisingly powerful, and runs Sam & Max like butter. It will even run games like FEAR and Prey at fairly high settings.
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