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Who else want a real item's inventory for season 2?

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I liked season 1 a lot, but one thing I REALLY missed is a real item's inventory where you can COMBINE collected items in it to make all sort of crazy items :D.
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  • I have a feeling they tossed this question around the team also. What inv should they use? I personally dont like the one they chose due to lack of space and it taking up scene room from the bottom half of the picture. Best game recently for inv was Runaway 2. You get a huge pile of treasure.. fills a whole room. In your inv POOF one IOU ticket for a huge pile of treasure signed ..the graphic arts deparment. "great!" he says "This will be alot easier to carry than all that gold" etc.. Yea I do miss a separate inv screen but im pretty sure they chose this one after thinking about the separate screen maybe. not though
  • Obviously an inventory has to take up space somewhere; what else would you do with it? A little complaint of mine is that it closes up every time you look at an item, although the time wasted there in the whole of Season 1 was probably less than the time it took me to write about it ;) Still...

    On the main topic, I agree it should be possible to combine items. I'm not sure if this makes things harder, I mean, Grim Fandango didn't have the option to combine and I found it the hardest of all the Lucasarts games. I feel it makes solutions to puzzles more interesting, though. What I'd also like to see is more items! The whole season gives us about as much content as a single large game, but when I think about how large games can require you to go into multiple full-screen inventory pages, it's clear that we don't get 1/6 of that number in each episode.
  • Yes, a more sophisticated inventory was one thing many of us here wanted. :) Hopefully they will upgrade it for Season 2. If you're not planning on it TellTale, it's not too late to rethink it!
  • The only problem I found on this season is precisely the lack of combine-this-with-that-to create-somehing-else.

    It made the puzzles too easy. Well... some of them, anyway.


    And we need mini-games where you can shoot stuff with Sam's gun.

    Nowadays, I start an adventure game and only play for about half an hour, an hour tops, so my brain is always fairly fresh when it comes to solving puzzles.

    But back when I was a kid and I had to be home early or my parents would give me a damn good thrashing, I spent HOURS trying to solve puzzles. Needless to say, my brain was already so muddy and hazy from all the thinking, nothing made sense anymore.

    My point? SOME peeps out there are still probably doing this. A couple of mini games help to clear your mind. And I ain't talking about the Hit the Road mini games. Those didn't help at all.

    You need to shoot stuff while sipping a beer with a Jack Daniel's chaser. It makes every single thought disappear from your mind.
  • I thought there were mini-games with shooting? :p Seems like that was in every episode but... Uh... The last few, I think.
  • I was fine with the game's difficulty by the time ep. 6 rolled around, but I definitely would like to see the return of item combination. It adds more variety to the puzzles.
  • Yes, and I want wack-a-mole with the option to hit max.
  • Item combination is something I miss having. As long as its not some weird combo or one thats too overly easy.
    Mini-games should be a part of every S&M episode. They shouldn't always be required though.
    Items that are red herrings should make a comeback as well. By that I mean more red herrings (I could swear I picked one up towards the end of Reality 2.0).
  • Nothing wrong with a good red herring, and it reminds me of an old Monkey Island One puzzle *cue wiggly screen of nostalgia*. A really good red herring, of course, gives you the feeling, without hammering the wrong idea into your head, that you should be using it somewhere (unlike the one at the end of Episode 5), although if that's the case there needs to be a solid reason why you can't use it, or you feel cheated by the limitations of the game. You can also receive red-herringy information, not necessarily there to deceive hugely, but just superfluous to the storyline. While I think the people you meet in the games are really well presented, there is a feeling that almost everything they say has a purpose; not much is interest-only.

    Red herrings are probably very hard to do well, as far as I can imagine. A simple useless item isn't as clever as, for example, the MI2 moment in which you can get 19 out of 20 required pieces of eight for doing the same thing, but the last one eludes you. And it should never feel as though the item was put there especially to deceive you. I'm not saying I have a clue how to meet all these criteria, mind you!
  • I do like combining items and it seems to work better in sam and max's wacky world..
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