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I would buy a Jurassic Park adventure game game made by Telltale...

posted by V_Ben on - last edited - Viewed by 10.5K users
Just saying, I would! Would you?

[SPOILER](Go and get the new issue of Game Informer... If you know what I mean...)[/SPOILER]
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  • Dage;320487 said:
    As a FPS yeah, as an RPG maybe , as a 'Point n Click' , heck no.
    I don't think you read my post, but okay.
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    YOU ... prey like the grand-mother of a mediocre tyranossaur
  • Awesome. I hope we see more of this at E3 next week. :)
  • 'Telltale has a new deal with NBC Universal to create games based on their intellectual properties.'

    I was sort of like meh up until this bit. Wootsauce.
  • StLouisRibs;320568 said:
    sort of
    You spelled it wrong. Everyone here knows it's supposed to be "soughta".
  • I... have no idea how this would work.

    I enjoyed the movies and the books, but it really doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would translate to an adventure game. I will probably skip this unless it gets absolutely rave reviews.
  • It could work if its like Penumbra.
    I cant see it working in Telltales normal style
  • Anyone play Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis? It was basically Zoo Tycoon, except with dinosaurs. Oh, and it had a 3D engine that both looked decent and ran well (as opposed to neither in ZT2), let you fly helicopters and drive jeeps, and was paced very well. I still play that game from time to time. I will never understand why there wasn't a sequel. Isn't everyone's secret dream to own an island populated with dinosaurs? In my heart of hearts, I hope that Telltale is at least considering doing something like this rather than just adapting the franchise into a point-and-click.

    Also, I'll be curious about the graphics engine. Jurassic Park in the Telltale Engine? I really like the engine and I think they've done more and more cool things with it, but it doesn't seem like it's well-suited for anything fast-paced. Still, hugely optimistic.

    And, to repeat: if I see or hear "spiritual successor to Operation Genesis," I will pre-order. Think about it.;)
  • While I'm not 100% sure how something like Jurrasic Park can translate into an adventure game, I think this would be a great game to take the whole trial and error gameplay implimented in "Tomb of Sammun-Mak" even farther. Basically the game focusses on a character that's trying to stay alive and avoid getting eatten by the dinosaurs, and if they mess up they can be killed. Even if they don't use this system I'm sure Telltale can figure something out to make a great adventure game.
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