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They Stole Max's Brain out on June 22, says French gaming website

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  • It's entirely possible that they saw some of our forumites speculation, and took it as official? I'm not taking anything as legit until TellTale says so themselves.
  • I agree with Cheri. I don't even think that Telltale would have a planned release date yet. It's too early to give themselves a specific deadline.
  • I would take it with the grain of salt. Especially because developer hasn't given anything official yet. Gaming websites aren't most trustworthy sources of information, because they make often mistakes. Heck, even sites like Steam sometimes invent release dates and system requirements without even consulting the developer.
  • it IS roughly 2 weeks away... i'd say give or take a few days (probably give :p)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    A German adventure site reports the same release date. I directly asked them for the source of that information, yielding the answer that they received that date via a press release they got yesterday. Seems rather credible to me - at least compared to many sources out there.
  • I thought we supposed to keep that quiet so... yeah.
  • It said not to spread info until they email us back about date. Which may/may not be 22nd. *whistles*
  • Oh la la! 22nd could be right. It's at least a date to expect, and if it comes out then of before then that would be awesome, if it comes out later though...

  • Well, I don't know but I really it hope it comes out soon.


  • Eh, I have to agree now. Ever since Telltale's accidental bug run in The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, they're probably taking more time to finish this one. Which I don't approve.
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