Where's the Dog ?!

Ok, I know there's a thread for this already, but it doesn't seem to give much help.

I'm at gateway, I keep getting hints saying I should give the dog a treat. I don't see a dog ANYWHERE. I have a bone to give the dog, but there's no dog and i'm stuck :| http://imgur.com/rtpRa.png

Anyone help ? Is the dog not at gateway ?


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    The dog should be where Guybrush grave is, you can see the dog digging in the intro.
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    I provided a screenshot, as you can see there's no dog near his grave and it is impossible to get nearer... :(
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    That has to be some kind of bug.
    Only suggestion I have is start a new game, and see if that fixes it. Not much else you can do I think.
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    Yeah dont worry you werent too far into the game so you wont have to backtrack too much.
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