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The Broken World by Tim Etchells

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My girlfriend gave me a novel yesterday called The Broken World, said I might like it. Just got home and read the blurb on the back.
Writing an on-line ‘walk-through’ to a complex computer game can take up a lot of time. So much so, it can be difficult to remain connected to the real world where the live-in girlfriend is starting to feel neglected and the job preparing 'cooked circular good' is getting increasingly hard to stomach.

Despite all this, our narrator's attention is focussed on The Broken World - an engrossing, addictive, adventure game filled with zombies, agents, puzzle and mysteries. But, which of these worlds is more challenging - the real or the online? What is clear is that he must work out solutions to problems involving life and love and happiness, not just in The Broken World, but in the real one too.
It's definitely next on my reading list. Anyone here read it?
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  • Not heard of it, but it sounds quite good, I'll have to add it to my list of things to read. (Currently on the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I'm wondering why I never thought of reading it before - it's excellent)!
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